• Niko wakes up on the bus and stares over at Ada.

    Ada: Niko whats up.
    Niko: Nothing much you know just sleeping on the bus.
    Ada: Yeah I know what you mean. I'm always just sleeping on the bus but at least we're at school now.
    Niko: Feels like its been a while huh?
    Ada: Uh Yeah a whole summer.
    Niko: Well see yah Ada. Ada: Bye Bye.

    Niko steps off the bus and heads up to the highschool to get meet up with some buddies. Shortly after he meets up with his friend Shane.

    Shane: Hey man whats up?
    Niko: Not much. Well shall we get some breakfast.
    Shane: Yeah I'm starving.
    Niko: Mom didn't feed you this morning.
    Shane: Nope she had a hangover again.
    Niko: She needs to stop with that crap you know.
    Shane:Yeah I know.

    Niko and Shane walk to the cafeteria and get in line for breakfast. Niko looks around like always and notices hes being watched but says nothing. Niko says to himself "I can't believe shes still here".

    Niko: Hey you know whats funny?
    Shane: What?
    Niko: Being weird.
    Shane: Well everyone calls you Niko what do you expect?
    Niko: True because everyone doesn't like callling Michael.
    Shane: Well you certantly have the ladies liking you.
    Niko: But come on you know they only want me because I'm apparently cool as everyone says.
    Shane: Well yeah. Hey look your stalkers watching you.
    Niko: Just ignore her please. I didn't want to say anthing.
    Shane: Ok then I won't talk about her.
    Niko: Thanks man. Hey you still coming over to fight after school.

    Niko smiles evily.

    Shane: Your on. I got that new technique I need to test on someone.

    Shane walks away slowly.

    Niko gets his breakfast and wonders why Shane didn't. He heads over to the table he always sits at and starts to eat.

    Alex walks up and sits across from Niko.

    Alex: Hi.

    Niko makes a face of shock as he stares at her.

    Niko: Hello.
    Alex: Why so shocked.
    Niko: Because you have always watched me and never spoken to me.
    Alex: Well I'm tired of never talking to you so well I guess I just wanted to say hi.

    Alex gets up and walks to the far table behind Niko and watches him eat.
    Niko looks back and says to himself "Shes still stalking me."