• She knew there and then she was going to die.

    The pain was surging through her chest like a whole burning through her.The man eyed through the thin slits that were supposed to be eyes.

    "Hello Amelia suppose you havent seen my knife?" The man said with utter doom in his voice.

    Amelia didnt get to reply.He brought out a razor sharp knife its curving edges screamed pain. As he brought the knife down Amelia Vanished. His confused face was full of hatred. We all know what Amelia is dont we?

    Amelia died mysteriously a couple of years back the police think it was an accident but it clearly wasnt. She died of heart failiure? No she didnt. Someone broken her heart so she took the wrong medication and commit sucide.

    Amelia lives a perfect life now. She has mates,boyfriend,money and family everyone loves her.