• Note: Because I feel very stupid now because apparently there was some movie with some weird thing names Mimzy in it, her name will be Anna till I think of something better XD:

    “I’m not going crazy!” They were the first words I spoke to the man sitting in a hard back chair as I entered the Psychiatrists office. He was your typical Psychiatrist; gray hair, hardened features, steel rimmed glasses.

    All he did was clear his throat, and gesture his hand towards the chair in front of him. I sat down uncomfortably, clasping and unclasping my hands. He looked over a bunch of papers on a clipboard for a minute, then set it down on the table in front of him.

    “You can call me Mr. Cain from now on, if you want. Now, Laurence, let’s talk about those voices you’re hearing.”

    It seemed an innocent enough question, and I couldn’t stand the silence that would go on if I didn’t answer, “Well...” I glanced around the room, at the bookshelves lining the walls, filled with books, at all the paintings of flower gardens, “Things talk to me.”


    “Y-yes.” I watched the pen in Mr. Cain’s hand. Tap, tap, tap. Up and down on the table.

    The pen stopped abruptly, and he raised it, tapping his chin with it, “Things...? Like this rug perhaps?” He motioned to the rug on the floor.

    I laughed, “Rugs don’t talk, Mr. Cain.” Maybe he was the one that needed to be sitting in this chair, not me.

    He raised an eyebrow, “Then what does?”

    I glanced around again, this time letting my eyes stay fixed on the mat in front of the door, “... The microwave, for one. Then there’s the fridge. It’s really annoying....”

    I stopped, wondering if I should be telling Mr. Cain all this. He didn’t think I was crazy, did he? I dared a peek into his eyes, but they shared no answers to my questions, only stared somberly back at me.... “Is it normal for these things to be talking to me Mr. Cain, you don’t really think I’m going crazy do you?”

    He cleared his throat, “The question isn’t if you’re going crazy, Laurence, it’s are you crazy?”

    I didn’t disagree with that, I supposed, “Oh.”

    “Anything else that talks to you I should know about?”

    I started biting on the bottom of my lip, one of my nervous habits, “Books sometimes talk to me...Dolls.... And then.... Then there’s Anna.”

    “Anna?” Mr. Cain leaned forward in his chair a little, and I caught my breath as I realized that Anna was right there behind him. She was leaning her elbows on the back of his chair, her chin in her hands, smiling devilishly at me, her eyes laughing thru her brown bangs. Mr. Cain , noticing me staring behind him, turned his head, staring directly into Mimzy’s face for a few minutes. Then he turned his head back round, looking at me once more....

    “Anything wrong?”

    I bit my bottom lip harder, “N-no... Nothing’s wrong...”

    He nodded, jotting something down on the clipboard, “So, go on, about this Anna.”

    I finally let my breath out, and shrugged, “I-I don’t really want to talk about Anna right now...”