• tab "Well...Um...Goodnight...?" Alex looked down at me with a look of confusion. "What?"
    tab "I don't...know..." I returned his confused look. "I feel like...I don't know."
    tab We stood in silence for a few seconds while I waited for him to say something.
    tab He didn't.
    tab "Alex...?" He looked at me, then sighed. He put his hands on my shoulders, leaned down, and placed a small soft kiss on my lips. After a few moments, he pulled away and smiled. Everything after that became hazy. I remember he said something and then decided to walk me home instead of parting ways. It took me until we had walked the three miles to my house to finally bring my mind back to Earth. We stood outside in front of the walkway leading up to the door, facing each other.
    tab "I want to do this again sometime," he said. I nodded; I still hadn't regained my voice. He smiled, kissed my cheek, and turned to walk away.I quickly grabbed his shirt and he stopped and looked back at me. I had to go on tip-toes to do it, but I put my hand on his cheek and kissed him on the lips.
    tab "Thank you," I whispered with a smile. I then turned and started towards my house.
    tab "WELL????????" Michaela ran up to my desk and started shouting questions so fast I couldn't hear them.
    tab "MICHAELA!" She immediately shut up. "Slowly; One question at a time."
    tab "HOW WAS IT?!?!?!" I smiled at her, but stayed silent. "Oh come on! Please don't torture me like this!!!!!!"
    tab "It went well," I stated simply.
    tab "Well???Come on, I need details!!!!" By now the entire class, including the teacher, had brought their attention to us because of Michaela's yelling.
    tab "Later," I said, hinting to all the kids. She looked around and realized for the first time how loud she was being.
    tab "Okay," she whispered.
    tab "YOU WHAT????"
    tab "MICHAELA SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP!!!You're gonna draw more attention to us!!!"
    tab "Oh...sorry," she sat down and gave an embarrassed smile to everyone giving her puzzled looks. "You kissed???" she whispered once everyone's attention had turned away from us.
    tab "Yeah..." I said with a smile.
    tab "Oh my god this is great!" Her smile slowly faded. "So...Lucas...?"
    tab I smiled. "Over him."
    tab She smiled greater than I'd ever seen her smile. "YAY!"