• “Balu…” The she wolf murmured. “Come closer, sweet Balu..” Balu stepped back, staring at the she wolf sprawled across the snow. “N.. No. Your nothing. No one. Not anymore. The she wolf smiled. “Balu dearest, how can you say that about your mother?” Balu stared at his mom. “No. Your not my mother. You will never be. Not after you killed Naxieil. No. She was the only one who ever loved me. And I don’t care if you adopted me.” He snarled. “You mean nothing.” The she wolf laughed a cold, rasping laugh. “How can you say that? I loved you, your brother loves you. I did adopt you. Cold, helpless, all alone, poor Balu with no one.” She laughed again, with harshness in her words. Balu winced and looked down at Naxieli’s body. Cold. Frozen. Lifeless. He remembered the times they spent, her lively, filled with love. He growled. “I’ll kill you!” Balu jumped over to his mother, still laying on the ground and quickly slashed her throat with his massive paws and claws. She gasped for breath, the light leaving slowly her eyes. Balu stared in horror at his mothers lifeless body. “What have I done..” He murmured, shocked. As a pool of blood seeped from his former mothers throat. Balu stood over her body. Nayden trotted through the snow, searching for Balu and his mother. Nayden hoped they hadn’t gotten into a fight again over Naxieli. Mother hated her dearly. Nayden stopped, listening to a long, sad howling, flowing with the wind. “That’s Balu!” He murmured. “What has happened?” Nayden ran towards the sound, getting closer and closer to the howling. He ran through the tree’s. and stumbled to a halt, taking in the scene before him. Balu wept nuzzling Naxieli’s cold fur. He could still smell her scent. “Nax.. Oh Nax.. I love you so much..” He murmered into her ear. Nayden ran towards his mom, licking her cheek. :Mom! Wake up! Please mom!” He stepped back and saw the pool of blood seeping from her neck. He turned towards Balu and snarled, “What have you done?!” Balu slowly turned towards Nayden. “She killed Naxieli. I had to do it. I had to.” He whispered. Balu let out another howl, making Naydens fur rise. Nayden growled at Balu, “You killed our own mother! You killed our mother! My mother!” He snarled. “What have you done!?” He rushed at Balu, throwing a blow to his shoulder. Balu staggered back and snarled at Nayden. He winced as a pair of huge jet black wings sprouted from his back. His ears becoming wider and longer, black tufts of fur sprouting on them. His body grew massive, along with his claws and teeth. His eyes turned as blue as fire. He let out a massive roar, unable to control himself from transforming into his demon form. Nayden stared in horror, backing away. He quickly turned and started to sprint away, Balu calmed down, slowly mutating back into his original form. He walked over to Naxieli’s body and laid down next to her, nuzzling her fur. For the last time. After hours of laying there, Balu got up and dug a grave for Naxieli. He slowly dragged her and placed her in the small hole. He covered her up and placed his paw print in the snow, marking peace for her spirit. He looked at his mother, slowly walking towards her. He sat with her, murmuring, “Why did you do it mom? You know I loved her. You knew I loved her.” He sat up and started walking away, glancing back at his beloved Naxieil’s grave. Balu broke out into a run, his wings sprouting on his back. He jumped up, beating his wings fast, and was air born. Left to his thoughts, Balu remembered the day he was adopted. It was cold, and Balu was very weak, only about 5 months old. His mother had disappeared and he was lost and hungry. Then a large grey wolf with a wolf pup stood over him. He cowered. The grey wolf carried him to her den, and ever since that grey wolf was his mother. Her name was Icealin. Ever since then he’s been growing up with Nayden and his new mother. Until one day he ran away, because he discovered he was half demon. But Icealin came looking for him, determined to keep the abandoned pup, knowing he was special, eventually she found him, still in his demon form, and healed him. Balu blinked, remembering when he and Nax met. Balu was traveling with Icealin’s pack, going to warmer climates. They came upon another pack, and got into a terrible fight. Balu fought, and in the middle of the battle Nax charged at him, and that’s when he knew she was his soul mate. After the battle Nax was the only one left, and so Icealin gave her a choice, join the pack, or die. She joined. Balu felt his heart hurt as he thought about Nax again. He landed into a small cave, hesitantly checking it to see if it was occupied. All clear. Balu laid down in misery, thinking about what to do next. “Sleep..” He heard the wind whisper. And sleep he did.

    ~To Be Continued ~