• A random short short story about love:
    All that I say means nothing to you. What I feel, or what I do means nothing. I try to do everything for you but to no avail. It hurts so much. To look at you as you kiss her. I love you but do not notice and it hurts. I hate admit it but you will be the death of me.

    You kill me from the inside out, it really hurts and all I want is quick death. I slowly tie the noose around my neck. Your picture is on the opposite wall. A note lays on the ground in a beautiful envelope tell in you about my feelings.

    A lone tear is all I allow to fall because if I let any more fall my make-up will be ruined and I won't be pretty when you find me. All I want is for you to notice me and find me a little pretty.

    I lift my foot to kick the stool away as you walk in. You look at me in horror. You yell my name as I choke. Running over you lift me up so I don't. taking the rope from around my neck, you set me down on the stool and wrap me in your arms. I cry and cry. You kiss me and say over and over again "I love you."

    another story:

    Ch 1: Storms
    "Turbulent winds wip through my hair as I stand on the dock, watching the dark mass come closer. The wood under my feet groan from the pressure of the water hitting it. All around me I can feel the end. The dock won't last and I don't feel like moving. Then you yell my name and grab me. You pull me back as the dock crashes down, and you hold me while I cry, soothing me with kind words, stroking my hair. You saved me from the darkness that would have taken me if not for you." I wisper this as I stand over your grave remembering your words as I bury you ashes. "I love you..."
    Ch 2: The River Bank
    Sitting here next to you I feel as if time itself would stop. This sweet happiness, stretching between us. I feel as if we have drifted off into another time where people except us, but I know that is not true. That we are still in our sad town sitting on the river bank. The darkness that hides in us, smoldering us, burns' with such intesity. Our hearts yearn for each other but we know we can't. But we sit here hidding from it all, letting this moment last until it can't last no more. Then we part, not to meet for another few weeks, going back to reality, the reality that is slowly killing you and me. As I walk back I cry tears of sadness and hatred. The river bank is now empty and we can't go back....never.
    Ch 3: I will never
    I scream as they rip you from me. They take you away, to burn you. I cry and plead. They do not hear me, all they know is death, not love. They don't want you to be here. They don't want me. Our love enrages them. Knowing this we tried to run, we had it all planned. But they found out. They burned you, not caring, leaving your ashes on the ground. I slowly pick them up, trying not to let tears in them. I bury you, next to our river on the bank. I sit here remembering your cries of pain. It pierces my heart knowing your gone. Wanting to go with you I can't, because you would want me to live and remember you. I will never love some else. I can't. Never. I will always love you and will never forget. Years pass and I still haven't forgot you.
    Ch 4: Your Memories
    Even with time going by, my memories of you never fade. They are as vivid as the day we made them. They are the only things I keep dear. My love for you has kept them strong, even at my older age. But from all the good wonderful memories that I have the one I remember the most is the day you died. I scorn myself, thinking if I had convienced you not to you would be alive with me instead of in a wood box that I carry around my house. Your screams come back to me in my dreams, waking me in the middle of the night. I cry everyday, always the same. But your memories keep me going, keep me from going into complete darkness. I hope one day I will come to see you, and then we will be together forever and nobody can take you away from me.
    Ch 5: I Love you
    Thinking back I remember when we first met. It was 65 years into our past, so far I barely remember it. You were laying on the side of the road outside my town. You were beautiful, even in you bloody, dirty state. Caring you back to health I was shunned, and attacked. It was hard, and you barely talked but I fell for you. Then you had to leave. You were safe, but nobody liked you, but I didn't want you to leave.You left. Then you returned...While I was at our river bank, you came back and you loved me and I loved you. We secretly met, for years. Our time together was fun. I remember what you said every time we met. "Sharron Va Wencse, I love you." and I would reply "Alamce Marrow Talsed, I love you and would prefer it no other way..." We would laugh, and play. Serious talks, to not so serious. I loved it. I loved you And will always love you, Alamce Marrow Talsed.