• 'You remember?' he said...'of course I remember,why would I ever forget' she replied sweetly^^
    He chuckled then kissed her gently on the lips.She loved when he did that.....Cara and Ashton have been going out for 3 months now.....Everything seemed perfect....but you should know this saying 'everything is not what it seems', behind Cara's back Ashton was doing what every girl dreads when there in a relationship.......CHEATING and LYING......Cara noticed a few changes
    like he didn't call her as often as he used to,normally they would speak for hours on the phone,but that was the past and now is now...Cara normally shrugged that off and payed it no mind,but tonight Cara and a few of her close friends decided to have a girls night out,perfect time for Ashton to do his thing....it was 7:30pm when Cara stepped out the house and into her friends blue mustang. they were all on there way to an under 21 club....On the other half Ashton was stepping out of the shower,and was getting ready to go out with his pals and uhh you know do his own thing.....Cara and her friends were standing in the line for the club just chatting and catching up on a few things...about 15 minutes passed and they were entering the club,music blared through the speakers and the disco lights filled the room with numerous colors....Cara decided she would just sit back and relax while her friends went off and danced or something to that effect.....while spending time alone in the corner Cara thought about Ashton wondering if she really loved him or was just with him because she was afraid to be alone....the thought ran through her mind over and over....she was caught in a daze...until out of the corner of her eye she saw Ashton dancing with another girl,the girl was average height,and had red messy hair.....Cara was in total shock and felt her heart break into a million pieces...but thats a mild reaction to what she just experienced compared to what she doesn't know...oh boy! when she finds out what Ashton has been doing the whole time she's probably gonna wanna commit suicide!! the whole time Cara had been going out with her friends,and going to Cheerleading, Ashton has been seeing other people!!! Cara was infuriated and marched over to Ashton and that girl he was with.while making her way across the dance floor she was thinking of the right words to say to him.....thinking if she should dump right then and there,or let him plead his case and beg for mercy!! finally she approached him and he was shocked to see her!! he fumbled and stuttered over his words trying to make sense out of them but failed....the red head stood there with her hands on her hip with a cocky look on her face....a few seconds passed and Ashton finally got his words straight...he told Cara that this was his friend from his childhood....and that he figured he would take her out on the town since his friend had been out of town for awhile....and nothing was going on between them...he looked at the girl and was looking for her approval....she agreed and chuckled...and he said that since Cara was out he didn't find anything wrong with meeting up with an old friend......Cara didn't buy it she said 'I saw these kinda things and they were normally lies so right then and there Cara said 'Ashton your unbelievable,its over!! don't bother apologizing and begging me to come back to you because it wont happen!!,oh and by the way enjoy your tramp'!!...The girl flipped out and made a big scene in the club!,Cara just flipped the girl off and turned the other way an started walking to go look for her friends as she was walking away Ashton was yelling 'Cara don't do this!!'....shortly after he yelled 'You know what forget you Cara,I never loved you anyway'!! and then turned back to the red head who's name was Marissa....Cara found her friends but by the time she reached her friends she was already in tears!!........her friends took her aside and asked whats the matter...Cara told them she saw Ashton with another girl.....and that,that was his old friend and nothing was going on between them....and that she didn't believe him so she broke up with him......her friends was in shock......so they all decided to take Cara home........5 minutes later they were all in the car heading towards Cara's house,as soon as she hopped out of the car and said goodbye Cara ran to the bathroom and decided to take a nice hot top to wash away what just happened...she was in the shower for two hours...letting the hot water hit her back....she was crying.....she was emotionally drained,so decided to get out and go to bed.when Cara got out of the shower and went to her bedroom,she happened to notice her cellphone buzzing,she reached for her cell and looked who was calling it was Ashton....she ignored it....he called all night....she never answered any of them.....whats the sense? she thought.......a week since that happened had passed, he called constantly left numerous messages and e-mails,Cara ignored all of them.....one night while Cara was getting ready to go to bed she heard something hit her window...she looked out and saw Ashton looking up at her she rolled her eyes and slammed the window shut?! he was calling her over and over again....by that time she was annoyed and flung the window open and said 'what do you want?!' he said 'I wanna talk things through' Cara scoffed and replied angrily 'there's nothing left to say?!'....he shut up for awhile and then said quietly 'do you remember?' .......Cara's mouth shut.......and then she said......'No?! I forgot,just like how I forgot you!!' now leave Ashton?!......he was dumbfounded and speechless and walked away.....Cara closed her window and cried herself to sleep...just like every night.......the truth is that she still remembers the day they met and fell in love.....and Ashton really did love her......but Cara lied because the truth hurts......and on the other hand Ashton lied because hey!! thats just the way boy's are.....I'm joking or am I.....but the reason he lied was because he was ashamed at the moment and he said that out of anger......and took Cara's love for him for granted....5 months have passed since the broke up,Cara is in another relationship with a guy who truly loves her.....and Ashton is with a different girl every week or doing some one night stand........now remember fellow readers that the truth hurts,but what hurts you is what makes you stronger and who you are today.....and not everything is what it seems...so think twice about things!!
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