• Chapter one

    She woke slowly, her eye praying open with ease but soreness. She felt terrible and laid there, just breathing. Suddenly she realized that she felt the soft feel of bed sheets under her finger tips and she sat up straight her arms propping her up. She looked around fully awake now. ‘Where am I?’ She thought looking at the strange objects that surrounded her. She didn’t know where she was but she knew she had to get out of there, familiar things, the few familiar things were good, unfamiliar things were bad. She got out of the bed almost wishing she was the person that belonged there but she wasn’t. She looked around realizing her stuff was gone, well her wallet wasn’t on her and her mp3 was gone. She spotted her items on the bed side table and run over to them, grabbing them up and running out the open door. She couldn’t forget the terrible feel in the pit of her stomach as she run; it was like she was going to throw up. As she become more aware of this she noticed the foul metallic taste in her mouth that wouldn’t go way no matter how many times she swallowed.
    She ignored her discomfort and followed the hallway into a small living room, there were people sitting on the couches, laughing and playing together but when she came into the room they stopped smiling their face dropping to confusion. They stared at her as she stared back, root at the spot for a moment. Suddenly she remembered that she had to leave, get out of the place, and she found the door to the outside world. She headed for it feeling the eyes of the people on the couch following her. She ignored them and focused on the door.
    “Where are you going?” She heard a voice say behind her. She stopped, turned her head toward the couch. They looked at her innocently. ‘Who had spoken then?’ She thought. She saw one of there eyes flicker to the side, behind her and then back to her. She felt her heart leap. The person was behind her. She turned around slowly and beheld the guy she had seen on the bench before she had, well she didn’t know what exactly had happened. She looked at him sort of in shocked, he had seemed not so, frankly, beautiful in her blurred vision. He looked like the elfish version of Matt Damon in the movie, “Outsiders”. He had the same jet black hair and stern forehead, but his eyes weren’t those serious, black pores. They were blue and a light blue with a darker rim around the outsides and she stared at his eyes, getting lost in them for a moment. She redeemed herself though and straightened her back trying to look taller than her 5’3’’. She didn’t want to seem like a tiny, squish-able mouse in front of the enormous giant that stood in front of her, his eyes boring a hole right through her body.
    “I am leaving; do you have a problem with that, giant?” She said hardening her voice with her fears. The replica of Matt Damon looked at her surprised for a moment at her words, he wasn’t excepting that but she stood there watching him, waiting to run for the door at the best second. She waited for and an answer as he recomposed his face, his mouth opening as his deep voice poured out, “Nope, no problem with that at all. Just wanted to know if you would like to have your drugs back but since you’re leaving I guess not.” He watched her as he talked, ending with himself turning to the people on the couch.
    “Who wants cake for breakfast?” He announced ignoring her. She stared at him, her eyes wide, and her mouth slightly ajar. ‘How did he get her stuff?’ She patted her jacket pocket were she had kept it and it of course wasn’t there. Her jaw set as she glared at him. He had touched her, kidnapped her and now stolen her only thing that she could sell for cash! She grounded her teeth before opening her mouth and growling, “Give my stuff back” She ordered it, and she demanded it. She needed it to survive. What else was she going to do to get money off the street, sell stolen gum packs to business men with bad breath?
    She watched the couch people quite down from their conversation about what flavor of cake to eat for breakfast and the drug-stealing-kidnapping male turn around. He looked at her as if she was dumb for a second before he answered, walking away in the process, “No.” She looked at him, dumbfounded. She had actually thought that he would give her stuff over to her, or she would some how force him to give it to her but she had no idea how to force a stupid giant to give back something. She followed him, stalking his heels which were barefoot by the way.
    She noticed them enter a kitchen that smelled really good and her stomach growled unexpectedly. She looked down at it embarrassed that it was talking and told it literally to shut up.

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