• Prelude

    When the girl on the white hospital bed finally flickering her eyes open, the room seemed oddly quieter than it had been before she had awoken. The girl hadn’t noticed the woman that was sitting stiffly next to her in the odd looking hospital chair. The girl just seemed to be staring straight ahead, into the unblinking white ceiling of the room.

    “Susanne?” The woman finally spoke up into an uneven whisper. She didn’t know what to do exactly. She wasn’t sure if she should call the nurses into the room so that they can check on Susanne or to see what would happen next. What would Susanne do next?

    Suddenly Susanne breathed in an uneven, shuddery breath as if she was trying to steady herself from an emotional breakdown or something else. The woman noticed that she had water building up in her eyes. Had she figured out what had happened...that quickly?

    “Where are they?” Susanne asked. She didn’t wait for a reply she bolted up straight and jumped out of bed, almost falling considering she had sprained her knee in the car accident.

    “Where are they?!” Susanne screamed this time as tears rolled down her bruised face. The woman knew she couldn’t do anything to calm Susanne. All she could think is poor child. She shook her head no as Susanne looked at her for an answer. Susanne screamed in agony and grabbed a vase that had been sitting on the bed table. It was from some couple that had known the family and Susanne’s parents. She threw it against a wall opposite from her and grabbed something else.

    Immediately nurses were in the room grabbing Susanne and pinning her back into the bed. She only had time to throw one more vase and it flew right at a nurse but she actually caught it and put it on a side table. They strapped her to the bed with white belts as another nurse walked in with a huge needle. The woman felt pity as she saw Susanne’s eyes go wide as the nurse walked closer to her. Susanne struggled to get lose but she was strapped in and the needled sliced into her skin with no effort at all. In no time was she out and unconscious. But before she went unconscious she screamed to the nurses and everyone who was in the room, “Why? Why did you not save them?”

    The woman relaxed back in her chair as the nurses disappeared. ‘Well, that went unexpected.’ She thought unhappily. Now at least she knows. The woman got up and left the room leaving Susanne who was still strapped to the bed, alone in her unwanted, silent, mourning sleep.