• Standing before me was a tall, handsome, man. He has black hair, pale skin, and bright green eyes. He wore a tuxedo jacket, a white tee shirt, jeans, and tennis shoes. It took me a few seconds for me to realize that i was stilll staring at him. I blushed and looked away. " You must be Clover," he said with an accent. I thought my heart was going to explode but i kept my cool, sort of. " Y-yes. Thats me. And you are?" I managed to say. "I, am Nolan. Nolan Edwards," he said. I hadnt realized it but he was standing about 2 feet from the door. " Pleased to meet you Nolan," i said sticking out my hand for him to shake it. He just stared at it. I then dropped it a second later. " NOLAN! WHO'S AT THE DOOR?" someone yelled from upstairs. " NO ONE MOTHER!" he yelled back, not taking his eyes off of me. " You should go before mother gets angry with me," he said in a quieter voice. I nodded and turned around and walked down the steps. " Wait!," I said turning back around. But no one was at the door. I didnt even hear it close. I walked back to my house and before i went inside, i looked at the house one last time. I spotted the curtains from upstairs were swaying. Someone was watching me, but who?

    Nolan's P.O.V

    Humans were so predictable. They are easy to read. They are always curious about eeverything. Everyone, except Clover. She looked as if she didnt want to be here. Like she was forced to say hello. I could read her at all. I couldnt read her thoughts or her emotions. It was like i was reading a brick wall. The only time i could get a glimpse of her thoughts was when my mother scared her by yelling from the upstairs. I could tell for a second that she was frightened and her thoughts were what people normally thought of me when they first see me : tall, handsome man, with irrisistable green eyes. I laughed at the thought.
    Mother came down the stairs in a hurry. She looked mad. " Who was that?" she asked. " Just a neighbor saying hello," i said walking up the stairs. "You better be careful with this one Nolan. We cant get a read on her like the ohters," she called up the stairs. " Im not planning on feeding off of her," I called back. " Then what are you going to do with her then? You cant kill her. It will end up like last time. I can see it," she said. I sighed and looked out the window at her agian. She was walking towards her house. I knew she was different than all the other girls that i have met in my 168 years of life. I felt something different about her, something i have never felt before. I didnt know if she was feeling it too but i think i was falling in love with her. I knew what i had to do to protect her. I had to stay away from her at all costs. No matter how hard it will kill me, it was the only way to protect her from my family.