• Ideas can be dangerous, as you should know. Many result in the slaughter of countless people. But far more treacherous is a dream when it takes on a mind of its own.
    Long ago in the past, there was an insignificant, tiny dream by the name of Morpheus. He was so miniscule it was impossible to tell who had even dreamt him. That little dream began to think. “I don't want to vanish this way, with my worthless life amounting to naught. How might I make people remember me? How could I survive and leave a significant mark in the cosmos?”
    Morpheus, being the devious and clever dream he was, thought and thought, and finally came up with a plan. “If I can grow to be stronger, I'll be able to make individuals get lost in me, and let them create a perfect world in which I shall ultimately rule as an immortal. I will not fade away,” the dream assured himself, “no; I will create a new world.”
    And he did just that. Morpheus steadily grew more and more powerful, and eventually took on a more substantial form with the strength and power to realize his ambition—to create his own world. The once immaterial dream began capturing unsuspecting people in their slumber from an assortment of time periods, and ensnared them within the confines of his world. Once taken, all recollection of that human in the real world was forgotten. They became nothing but meager dreams themselves to those of the other world.
    But wherever humans thrive, there must be conflict, greed, and chaos. Morpheus’s new world became just as war torn as the original one.