• Chapter 1.

    She was running. Running fast, over and under the trees in the forest. She was running away. Running away from the hunters behind her. She could practically feel their breath on the skin of her pale neck. Her legs were sore already, running for your life was especially tiring. But...She didn't know why. That was the problem with these cursed dreams, which she somehow got because she was the offspring of an angel and demon, which was very wrong. It shouldn't even be possible. She shouldn't even be possible. She was a monster, a mistake of something that went wrong. She snarled as she fell, the nasty humans coming onto her. Those nasty beings were merely walking blood-bags, which were incredibly nasty too. Then, she woke.

    Gasping for air, Erium gagged silently on the air she did not need. In a coughing fit, she leaned on her knees for support. The fluffy bed under-neath her reminded her where she was. On Earth. Not the underworld, not the heavens, plain old Earth. Here, she was having a trial to see which world got her. If she had more demon or angel in her, to be more precise. She hated these tests. To say the truth, she just wanted to go back and forth. It seemed so much easier. Pushing away the babbling in her head, she frowned slightly as she stood. Her legs were slightly wobbly, as if the dream was real. Nasty things, those dreams. Today, thankfully, was her day 'off' from testing. So far, it seemed as if she was equally demon and angel. But she tried not to think what would happen if she had to stay on earth.

    The underworld leader was particularly fond of her, in a fatherly gesture, as the heavens main woman was fond of her, in a motherly gesture. Both sides would protect her if needed. But, she didn't want to be protected. Actually, it would be better if she did have protection. But no matter. She didn't particularly care, since no one in this dirty planet knew what she was...except...for him. He was the one that she was addicted too seeing. Even if he didn't know that he was being watched. But she wouldn't possibly reveal herself to him. Who knew what the effect would be! But still...

    His name, she did not know. He was a server at this grand place run by angels. He, however, knew not of such things. That was how all of the humans were. They thought the angels were humans that were lucky -- rich, good-looks, things like that. But she couldn't help it. It was like...actually, she had nothing to compare it too, to her disappointment. But she could remember his features exactly. A head full of blond, wavy hair that was naturally messy. Skin tanned just right, not to the point of burning, but not pale at all. She pushed away his image. Look at her! Drooling over a human man! It was low! Putting her nose up in the air, she walked out into the hallway and started going to the kitchen.

    Suddenly, he was there. Sometimes, it felt like the world was just against her! She could smell him, his heart-beat racing, his mind jumbled in thoughts about...about her? Could it be possible that they had a chemistry perfect for each-other? That they were soul-mates? She pushed the thoughts out of her head. No! she thought angrily to herself, You are to good for a walking blood-bag! He doesn't deserve you! Funny, she also thought, that she sounded like a love-sick teenager who just lost her first boyfriend.

    Suddenly, he was in front of her.
    "Miss Erium, I have been told to escort you to the garden."
    He murmured, just loud enough for her to here. He had a delicious English accent, which made her heart just swell with adoration. Then, his words hit her and she stopped moving.
    "For what?"
    She demanded, her arms clenching the other arm, making her abnormally-pale arms red with scratch marks. She must have frightened him with her tone of voice because he froze and looked at her filled with worry.
    "You are to meet five bachelors."
    He replied, offering no more explanation. Then again, he probably knew no more then she did. She nodded stiffly, allowing him to lead her to the 'garden'. As they got closer and closer, she began to get worried herself. Suddenly, she pulled him into a closet and shut the door behind her after she got in.

    "What are you doing?!" He hissed to her, backing up a step.
    Erium glared at him, leaning backwards once she realized how close they were. The closet, she could now see, was not very big.
    "I will not go meet those spoiled men who have no heart! I am not a prize to be won!"
    She exclaimed angrily, but quietly encase they would be heard. The man shook his head muttering to herself, probably about being fired. She caught the word, 'crazy' and she looked at him with her mouth wide open in surprise. He shrugged and went on talking to himself. She put an ear to the door and heard voices out. One, no doubt about it, was her instructor looking for her. She knew that for sure. They came closer, and she clamped a hand over his mouth. She could hear their foot-steps, their breathing, which meant they were close. She stopped pretending to breath, and narrowed her eyes to tell him to do the same, only not pretend. He did.

    What, She thought to herself, surprised, am i doing? In a tight closet with a human waiter? Suddenly, a sickly grin came over Erium. She knew what the answer was, and hated everything about it.