• Heira's father walked into her study room with a large cardboard box. The box looked relatively new and the picture on it was scribbled out with thick black permanent marker. Although the scribbles were dark, Heira could see what it was of; A computer.
    "What's that?" She asked her father.
    Her father set the box down on the floor and took out a box cutter.
    "This is a computer."
    Heira rolled her eyes.
    "I know it's a computer but what are you doing with it?"
    He took out the computer and set it on the desk, which wasn't a hard job to do seeing that it wasn't far to carry it.
    "Think of it as a late birthday present from Grandpa."
    Oh no, she thought to herself, anything from that old coot cannot be good news.
    "He knows how you've wanted one so he went out and made you one. I know that gifts from Grandpa tend to be a bit strange but please make sure to call him up and say thank you." Her father told her as he walked out of the room.
    Heira looked at the computer and reluctantly sat in her desk chair. Next to the computer was a note that her Grandpa gave to her. It read; Happy Birthday Heira. I hope you like it. It's fully programmed and all you need to do is turn it on and make it yours. I hope your adventures are as fun as it was making this for you.
    "Hope your adventures are fun?" she said to herself, scrunching her nose, "What's that supposed to mean?" She turned on the computer and shielded her face, just in case it blew up on her. It beeped and it was on.
    "Oh" was all she could say, since it didn't combust in front of her eyes. On the screen was a small white fox-like creature with red markings on its face. It scratched at the screen and whimpered.
    "Aw, how cute." Heira said tilting her head to the side in adoration. She moved the mouse and clicked on it. Just then a box popped up. Yes or No it read.
    Yes or no what? She thought as she moved her mouse toward yes. The fox creature yipped and Heira clicked yes.
    Welcome A new box read. Heira's eyes started to water and everything was blurry.
    "What's going on?" Heira cried, both in shock and in pain from the stinging sensation in her hands. Heira's body started to turn to static, starting with her hands, and went into the screen, almost as if it was completely liquid.
    Heira, confused and scared, tried to struggle her way out of the screen but, like she was a magnet, was pulled in. The fox creature jumped up and down, almost as if it wanted to get out of the computer and Heira landed shoulders first, into the almost blinding white. Above her head was a pop up box that still read welcome on it.
    "Hello?" Heira called, seeing if anyone was around her. No one was. She called again. Still no one. The creature ran up to her and yipped. It wasn't that big at all, only to her knee. Heira started to pet its soft white fur and it grabbed her sweaters sleeve and dragged her behind it. Amazed at how strong such a small thing could be, Heira allowed it to drag her. The creature ran with her behind until it came to another box, which arguably was the original box Heira clicked on because it read yes or no again. The fox let her sleeve go and she stood up.
    "Yes or no..." She said to herself and reached for yes.
    "Stop!" A voice cried out from behind her. The voice was soft, small, and almost fairy-like. Heira looked behind her and saw that no one was there.
    "Who's there?" Heira asked, scared and confused.
    "Please, don't choose yes." The voice said again. Heira wasn't someone who disobeyed so she started to reach for no.
    "Halt!" A masculine voice bellowed. In front of her was a very large knight on a very small horse, almost inches away from her face.
    The knight itself was easily 7 feet with midnight black amour that looked too heavy for him to wear. His white moustache was hanging over the visor of his helmet, which was just as dark and just as heavy. Because of the size and depth of the helmet his eyes were virtually invisible, all you could see was the sheen of the whites of them. The horse he was riding was a pygmy, its height only 17 inches from its shoulder to its hoof. Its hair was splotched with silver and brown while its mane was completely black. Its eyes were big and innocent yet devilish and beady.
    "Do not choose no, no matter what she says!" The knight belted out, waving his large sword around like a flimsy stick.
    "Do not listen to him!" The fairy voice cried out, shrill and alarming. The knight struck the horses head with the hilt of his obsidian sword.
    "Shut up you stupid pygmy!" he screamed at the horse, which looked very tired and whose legs were shaking from the knight's weight. Heira didn't quite understand what was going on and because she feared that her existence would cease if she chose no, she reached for yes.
    "No!" The voice cried and the almost blinding white blurred into almost completely black.
    "Where am I?" Heira said, even more confused than before and trying to feel around to make sure she wasn't standing on an edge somewhere. In the distance there was pulsing light approaching the spot where Heira was laying.
    "Hello?" Heira shouted, her voice echoing like she was in a tunnel.
    "Hello!" A loud voice yelled in response. The light started to come towards Heira faster until it was right above her. She could see then that it was a very small old man carrying a strangely large torch. The fox creature started to growl and ran behind Heira.
    "Dear child, why are you just laying there?" he asked her.
    "I… I don't know..." She replied, shaken.
    The man was very small, defiantly too small for such a large torch. His eyes were a comforting green and his hair and beard was a dusty white. He held out his hand for her to take, which made almost no sense seeing how he was the same height as her when she was laying down.
    "You must be tired from… From whatever you were doing. Please come with me." The old mans words were kind and gentle, and as warm as a mug of hot cider.
    Heira politely took his hand and he helped her up.
    "May I ask you your name?" He said as the two were walking further into the dark.
    "My name is Heira." She responded shyly, unsure what the small mans intentions were.
    "That's a very nice name. That's a very nice name, indeed. Mine is very short and too simple to be said, therefore I dare not speak of it."
    "Well what is it?" Heira asked, curiously.
    "Oh I dare not speak of it. That knowledge isn't for you." The old man chuckled.
    Heira looked down at the fox creature, which has been following her since she fell into this strange computer world. It wagged its tail and whimpered. Heira smiled and it yipped once more.
    "I would let you inside but seeing that you have that, that thing with you, I don't think I will." The old man glared at the creature with disgust as scuffed his wooden shoe at the darkened floor.
    "Well then, can you at least show me the way out of-"
    "Of Elsewhere?" The man interrupted.
    "Elsewhere?" Just as Heira echoed the old man, the walls of the darkness echoed her, in different tones, accents, and in multiple octaves.
    "Shut up you stupid, good for nothing wall hangings!" The old man screamed, flailing his arms and stomping his feet.
    The voices ranted louder until it was almost deafening and the old man held his earlobes and stomped some more.
    "Is that really necessary?" Heira said, judging the small man, whom of which was acting like a small child.
    The man stomped some more and twisted his face into a pouting frown, visible even under all of his whiskers. Heira couldn't help but laugh at this.
    The man stopped his tantrum and looked up at Heira, his wrinkles overlapping each other in anger.
    "Don't laugh at me!" He said, putting both of his stubby hands on his hips. Heira could help but laugh harder at this, which made the man angrier. The angrier the man got, the harder Heira laughed until she fell to her knees, gasping for her breath.
    "Ok, fine. Have it your way!" The man said slamming a door behind him, leaving Heira and the creature alone in the dark.
    Heira squinted and tried to see, which she found almost impossible because the small old man took the torch with him. She whipped the tears from her eyes and stood up off of her knees.
    "Now what am I going to do? I can't see anything!" Heira said, starting to get upset.
    The fox creature yipped and took her sleeve once more and dragged her behind it. Heira pushed and pulled, trying to get her sleeve free, but it wouldn't budge. So, Heira allowed herself to be dragged again.
    Am I ever going to get back home? She thought to herself. It seems as if I've been gone for hours…
    The creature stopped and let her go. Above her head was another box that read Yes or No.
    "Yes or no what?!" She screamed, at the box.
    More words started to appear above the phrase.
    "Oh." Heira remarked as she reached for yes.
    She pressed the button and all around her blurred into many colors, many of them earth tones. The colors became clearer and Heira could make out that it was, in fact her study. Heira's heart filled with happiness as her own world came closer to her.
    "I'm home." Heira said smiling as wide as her skin would let her.
    Heira, then, found herself in her chair, in her own study. She jumped up off the seat and ran for the door.
    "Dad! I'm home!" She called, opening the door.
    "Halt!" The knight from Elsewhere bellowed, his pygmy horse tossing its head in the air.
    Heira's smile faded as she realized that her world was no longer hers. It was Static.