• ~Prologue~

    The battle went on for hours; blood of both sides wetted the grounds making traction difficult for the remaining solders. A solder named Hozzahn led the demons and evil minions of Dardash to their epic doom across the plains of G’Oglth where my grandfather’s army was waiting. Draketon Emmerith led my grandfather’s troops, defending the land Quanos, Draketon and his army defeated Hozzahn and his minions. A celebration was held a week later for the families of the fallen were grieving, and the wounded needed time to mend. Draketon Emmerith would soon know his glory, though he never was satisfied with the notion, he would condemn himself to exile for the rest of his life, wanting nothing but his solitude.
    Now fifty years has passed since the war of the people. My grandfather Yuroido Lu’Endel, lead the first attack against the Lord King of Dardash, who wanted nothing else but complete control of the land Quanos. However, Yuroido died from infection of a minor wound. Before he died though, he appointed my father, Zethkirr Lu’Endel, as the next king of Bethinya. The Lord King of Dardash, Torin DuVallian, was captured and executed for the crimes he committed while he was in rule; leaving no heir, the land was left in turmoil and famine.
    Through out the time, my father’s kingdom has been through drought, plague and short lived battles. All of which has coloured the lands red with the blood of my people. I am saddened at the fact that the citizens carry no hope for themselves any more than the amount they held when my grandfather was in rule.
    Now the land has been put back into peace and happiness, thanks to my father, who found someone who was beyond the hardships and grimness of Dardash’s past. Her name Sochorra, becoming the queen of Dardash was not an easy task for her. Sochorra was from a family of nobles, the youngest of the family, she suffered through the hard ships of being a woman and the youngest of four. Zethkirr and Sochorra are now friends and trading partners for both lands. Ever prosperous we are now that the agreement was signed.
    However, things are not always as they seem. In another realm, an even more evil and nasty lord was dwelling. Within his festering and stinking home, he has waited for the right moment to strike with his forces. Nothing will stand in his way for complete annihilation of his enemies. I’m afraid of what will happen to our kingdom if the citizens continue to feel hopeless and angry that there will be nothing left of our city Bethinya or any of the towns, villages, and cities of the people of this world. My sister Ilanna believes that our world is safe enough to stay happy and roam around the land without worry, although I hold the same hopes and dreams about my home, I know that this world is never safe enough to put down our guard. Zethkirr, my father, knows how foolish it is to believe that your home is safe and protected to the point of complete reliability of that protection that having your guard down will surely kill you. Ilanna cannot think of how wrong she is, I’m sure she will soon, to her advantage and not the other.
    Who knows, maybe it is she who opens the eyes of the citizens of Bethinya, and defeats the hopelessness and anger in all of Quanos. I only see this in my dreams.

    Lythia Lu’Endel