• I stared wide eyed at the ashen sky.As my home burnt so did my happiness.I looked up as the ashes fell into my mated hair. I hugged my ripped stuff rabbit closer to my body. My big brother's hand trembled as he held my own. I looked up at him his eyes dear not move as stared in horror.
    I looked around confused of what had taken place; everything happened so.
    "ERIC TAKE YOUR SISTER AND RUN!!!" My mother yelled, As my father reached in his pocket a pulled out a gun and began to shoot the dark figures. My brother stared wide eyed, as my mother began to attack one of the figures with a broom. He grabbed my injured hand ignoring my grimaces of pain and began to run. I looked over my shoulder to see my mother smile grimly at me. Then the house was engulfed in the flames.
    My mothers' word still echoed in my head.
    "Where is mommy and daddy?"I asked tugging my brother pants leg . My brother snapped out of his trance and smiled at me.
    "It's just us now,mommy and daddy are well.....up there,"he replied in a soft voice.
    "Up there?"I repeated. I tilted my head to the side with confusion.He nodded and tears began to crawl down his cheeks. I immediately knew what he meant by this. But I didn't cry.I couldn't cry,because I knew mommy would always tell me smile even through my worries and pain,"Smile,it confuses people,"she would say grinning brightly. And indeed it did confuse me.
    Just then the ground trembled neither my feet.I feel to my knees,my brother crouched by my side. He pointed to the direction of the house.
    I looked in horror as the ground not to far from us burst open and the dark figures emerged from the depths the the earth. I gasped as they turned to us and slowly walked in our direction. I buried my head in Eric's sleeve and closed my eyes waiting for my demise but it never came.
    I sat up to see the dark figures nowhere to be seen.
    "Seems I made it in time,right?"A old husky voice said. I looked up to see a tall figure with a long blond ponytail in his hand was a huge majestic sword. He turned in our direction and smile a wide smile.
    "I.Found.You." he said