• The sun shined brightly in the morning sky, climbing the clouds to reach the top so the part of the world could see it's smile. It was cold, winter. I slipped on my jacket and fixed my snow colored dress then ran out to sit on the seesaw, alone. Grandma was fixing breakfest, mother went to the store, father was paying bills, Grandpa was planting flowers, and my cat, April, was sound asleep in my bed upstairs.

    The world stood still, so still that the clouds looked like they stopped. It was quiet in this neighborhood. No laughter for weeks, so lonely. "I wish I was free, like a butterfly. Flying from places to places, then... I'd still be lonely...". A single drop of rain was falling, slowly freezing into a shivering snowflake. Hitting the ground, falling apart. Slowly. "Nephele, come and eat your breakfest." Daddy yelled, he was stressed. His bills were increasing every month. "Coming father" I yelled back, walking slowly.

    I sat at the table. "Nephele, I made some eggs, would you like any?" Grandma questioned. "Yes please." Grandma putted the eggs on my plate as I ate peacefully I stopped and asked father, "Daddy...Can we move to a different house, with other children in the neighborhood? Father's face turned serious. "Nephelle, we cannot afford a new house! Don't ask again!" he snapped. "Im sorry, daddy.....". As I finished my eggs I ran up to the attic, to only find his ashes. Brother's ashes.... He passed when he came up with an unknown disease. Mother had to take medicine for depression, father never talked unless questioned apon, grandma didn't say anything for two months, and grandpa just started to plant flowers.... Everywhere... I went back down into the kitchen and hugged father, he was suprised. But no smile still. The door unlocked, it was mother. She had bags of food and some cat food, also some treats. Then out of the bag fell her medicine. I looked down, the eyes of the dead, skin was pale, it was... I couldn't bear it. "He pushed brother down the building, brother's neck broke" I whispered. Unluckily, mother heard, she dropped her bags and ran, to cry in the room. His room.