• Number One

    The Gluttonous Lycan


    Faster, faster!

    Down the trail, through the dark, to the end. Breathing in heavy pants, something’s following…not even God would create the beast tormenting the night. It’s eaten through the arms of the human torso and taken everyone else’s life. It cannot follow into the light, it needs the dark. The end of the tunnel is near; there it is, now in sight. But, no matter how long the running lasts, the light never seems to get any closer. A presence there, behind the scared human. Turn around slowly. A scream caught in the throat, as there is no longer any where left to run. The creature grabs the arm, its grip so tight, the bone instantly shatters in the grip. The creature suddenly advances. Its razor-sharp teeth bared, the creature bites into the neck, the veins tear, as pain seers through the creatures victim, as it tears the throat away from the body, rendering the head also away from the body. Blood splatters from the, now present, hole of the neck, as the body hits the ground. The creature ravenously devoured the meat off of its victim’s neck and head, before advancing onto the body.

    This creature is the hungry lycan…and the victim?


    let the imagination twist around it.