• Liz stared as the tall figure walked her way . She was gonna tell him that she loves him , so they're going to central park for it to be romantic . For her,at least.
    Liz 's lips twisted into a smile.She jumped up to hug him."Hey Alex!"
    Alex smiled in return,brushing her hair away."Hey.So we're going?I brought my bike,ya know."Alex's hand took Liz."Yes,and where?"Liz was blushing as his fingertips touched her fingers."Here."Alex was pointing now.Liz didnt know they were moving."Oh! Its neon blue."She said,touching the bike.
    "Get on?"Alex said.
    "Oh..Okay"Liz hopped on the pegs,and Alex rode the bike.Liz's hands were on Alex's shoulders.She smirked.

    Liz and Alex were there already.Liz jumped backward,to impress Alex,but she fell back.Alex went to her."You Okay?"He laughed.
    Liz smiled as the sun beamed on her face."I--I--I'm--I'm okay."Liz said,getting up.Alex pulled out a paper."Good.Read this,"Alex gave her it.

    Liz unfolded the cheap white paper,and she smiled as she read,

    Listen.Im In love with you,Ms.Either take it or not.I prefer taking it,I love you..And..You make me breathless.
    Liz's heart skipped a few beats.And she looked up at Alex.

    "I...I love you,"Liz said,blushing."And you make me breathless."

    Alex's lips crashed into Liz's,And Liz didn't mind.When he finished their first kiss,Liz smiled widely."Well i guess that'll work,Alex."