• Chapter 11
    Life back to normal (or so we thought)

    The Family Stayed at a hotel that night At one of the table sat the zigenhiver family in the dinner room telling everything that had happened up to the explosion of the building Jason took his mini camera out and showed his wife some of the pictures she found them very interesting. They all slept well that night for they were all very tired from the days excitement. They next morning when they came out of there hotel room the saw a note that said. ‘We are sorry but today we cannot give you the paper for a terrible unfortunate event happened and we are no longer going to be getting the Daily Reader’. Jason chuckled. Nina giggled along with Katie. Adam Smiled. They were in the elevator now As mark thought “Maybe I can buy a newspaper later”. When they got down to the last floor The elevator opened. They found a empty breakfast table and ate. That afternoon they went back to Miss Val to tell there stories. Valerie was suprised and she had a story of her own. She said she was investigating the computer to see if anything special was on it. She said “I found some Database files for the start of time travel”. Everyone was silent all wondered what became of this project. “The name of the project is Project T.E.A...” Mark asked “what’s that stand for?”. Valerie said “Time Extermination assassin’s “. Once again all was silent. Jason said “Well lets take some of the information to NASA”. His wife Sarah questioned “Why? What will they know there space not ‘space and time’” . Jason was excited his wife didn’t know about the failed NASA project. Jason Started “It started a couple years ago NASA was studying if time travel was possible. After years of testing they concluded That indeed it may be possible but They needed Help and more funding.” Sarah thought about what her husband said. She thought aloud “could it be possible that these friends of Valerie’s husband took up this project” . Jason said “Could be so” Adam and Mark Looked at each other and said “OH BOY MORE ACTION!!!”

    Chapter 12
    More Questions More Answers

    The next day miss Valerie sent Sarah to get grocericies Jason volunteered to come but Sarah went alone. She drove to the market and entered.

    “Hey um Jack we got a lock on her she’s coming to your register I think, Be ready”.
    “Hello is this the speedy checkout lane?”asked Sarah. Fear struck Sarah Zigenhiver when she realized it was the clerk from the newspaper building. Sarah unwrapped the knife she bought slowly. The clerk held up a gun pointing it at her face. Time to die he yelled as his friends surrounded her and the other friends shoved everyone out. Then Sarah Shoved the gun hard away from her face and stabbed the man with her knife. Sarah drew first blood. The men behind her stepped forward one was carrying with a tranquilizer . The men held her down as she kicked and screamed ready to shoot her with a tranquilizer she jumped up in the manner of a break dancing move hoped to the floor and kicked him in the face once again drawing blood. Sarah Grabbed the tranquilizer and just as she was about to shoot the clerk from the building had just enough strength for one more shot he got up and yelled. As Sarah turned around to see the gun pointed at her!.
    He Shot.
    She Ducked.
    The man behind Sarah was killed in a single shot (She shook that could have been her!) She shot him with a tranquilizer she came over to his body and decided not to stab him dead. Jason came running in. “They evacuated everyone out of the building but I sneaked in!”. Sarah chuckled shook cried and was silent all at the same time. She felt strange she chuckled and said “The clerk he’s he’s Dead”. At that very moment she dropped the knife, everything blurred, All she saw was black and white then blacked out.

    When Sarah awoke she saw the family standing around her and Jason giving her a soft kiss on the cheek and said “Its ok were all here” . Sarah Returned a faint “I love you Jason” and relaxed in bed.

    Chapter 13
    The Real Answer’s

    Two DAYS Later
    Sarah Told Jason About the Paper Jason Asked Adam To get Sarah’s Coat.
    Adam Got The Paper And Read the faint ink blotches Carefully He Ready





    Adam Gave a strange smirk that troubled Sarah. Adam stood There and smirked until Sarah Finally Said ‘DEAR GOD ADAM PLEASE TELL ME WHAT’S WRONG’. Adam Stood and answered quietly, “I know a girl that might be able to help us maybe..........” He trailed off.. Then he said “Her Name is Lydia Books I used to talk to her brother Kaleb a lot. She was a lot into investigating and might be able to show us something’s.”, Adam Got his mom’s cell phone out and dialed her number. “Hello Lydia who am I speaking with?” Adam Smiled to hear her voice. “Hey this is Adam, Lydia!” . “Oh Hey Adam What’s Up Need Some Help?” “Um....Uh...Yes im afraid So”. “Why?” “Im not sure but were all gonna die” “WHAT IN THE NAME OF SMELLY GYM SOCKS!!!!!!!!!!!? ILL BE OVER QUICK” They heard a smashing sound and somebody Running up the stairs BOOM She Smashed through the door. There was 18 Year old Lydia Books With Desert Eagle 357. Magnum In Hand. To Sarah’s Surprise Which could’ve killed her (Since she was still a tiny bit unstable in the hospital bed). Adam Smiled And Looked in his huge back pack and took out an automatic Rifle and loaded it Adam Screamed “Cover Your Ears!!!” He Leaned Out The Window and unloaded Three Clips out the window at Lydia’s Side Sarah Gasped “WHERE ON EARTH DID YOU LEARN TO SHOOT AN AUTOMATIC HANDGUN!!!”. Adam Stood Blank and admitted he had learned a couple of tricks from a friend Also Lydia was a former Police officer. “What Going On??” Jason Asked “Seems Like even The Little ones Have guns how did you get inside with those Guns in they have sensors by the door”“ I Used a 4 Second EMP grenade”.Jason Stood Shocked His OWN SON HAD MODERN WARFARE WEAPONS????. Adam looked at Lydia. Lydia looked at Adam. Adam Spoke. “Lydia Gave me the gun as a present for my eleventh birthday after the hunting class I took with dad ever since I’ve been practicing You See?.”

    Sarah Laid on the hospital bed she game a smirk and said they release me today at 12:00
    go get lunch and come back.

    Chapter 14

    Adam Walked back from the chick-fl-a with his chicken Sundridge in hand alone the rest were inside he was getting his dads iPhone When he opened the door a kid came up to him And tried to mug him Instantly he shot into a side state of unconsciousness even though in reality it was as long as a 13th of a second He was plunged into a flashback he was walking down a hall scars all over feeling burning pain on his chest from the recoil from the gun he was holding in his hand it was a Desert Eagle Same kind Lydia had, on his back was a AK-47. His heart Went Faster Pumping Faster and Faster his blood boiled his eyes burned. Is Wrist were aching. In a Split Second the earth was shaking uncontrollably his air supply ran out The world Lit up with a neon white color when he blacked out and woke up instantly He saw in unconscious body at his feet. It was the bully Blood on face Scratched up yet Adam seemed to not know who he was or who’s body he was even in he was completely clueless all he could remember was the short flashback. Then a rush of memory came to him instantly he was Adam Cross again.

    He Grabbed the iphone and came inside.

    “Hey Dad” Adam said looking at Jason
    “Yes Adam What’s Up” Jason Replied Watching Alex Play with a baby on the play set in the chick-fl-a.
    “This Might Be an odd question but do you have.....de ja vou? For a weird reson?”
    Jason’s Attention Completely Changed horrified. “Strange Enough....yes Adam” Jason Felt he had seen this before the sam people the same cleaner the same words the same son asking the same question and replying the same way. Adam Felt exactly the same way. Adam stood and looked at his father. Then Jason said starting slowly at the same time as Adam they both said. “Get Alex Off t he play place, something bad is going to happen.”

    Jason Ran to the door in hopes of stopping any horrific scenes but little did Jason know he was too late the effects were already put into place.

    Jason Opened the door
    Jason Stood silent for a half of a second. He saw where the attack was going to happen he screamed “GET OFF EVERYONE THE PLACE IS GOING TO CATCH ON FIRE AND BURN THIS PLACE DOWN.” Every single six Year-Old ran as fast as they could out accept for one. Christian Flo, Refused to get off he didn’t care about some half crazed paranoid dad telling kids to get off. All Christian Wanted to do was play the other adults thought he was crazy He kept playing until it was too late. First the light bulb sparked. Then Sparks landed on the fan then it overheated catching fire creating a literal ‘Flamethrower’ Blowing right through the ‘Fun Chamber’ that Christian was in flames bursted through the door of the fun chamber sending Christian instantly into a scared crouch. Jason would talk with the kid later but didn’t want him to die. Jason ran in as the left part of the play place went down in flames Jason found Christian and reached out his hand and said “COME ON!” Christian sat silent. “ARE YOU COMING.”Christian Said “FINE WHATEVER JERK.” Jason Grabbed Christian and he said “come on he gotta go down the slide.” “NO I DON’T LIKE SLIDES” Christian screamed back. Instantly Christian payed for his stubborn-ness the fire got so close while they were arguing the fire scorched little seven year old Christian’s legs making him scream cry and thrash shoving Jason and himself down the slide. Jason made Christian stop drop and roll Christian was taken to the hospital minutes later along with Jason next to him both scorched badly.

    “I wonder if he will be ok” Said Alex “I Hope He is” Replied Adam
    “Hey do you mind if I speak with the manager for a second?” Adam Said “Sure I guess” Said Alex.

    Jason Came Out Of The Room Fifteen Minutes later. “Where’s Adam?” Said Jason. Alex Said “He went into the Manager’s Office Just A Second Ago I guess its important Adam doesn’t really talk to somebody in power unless its important right dad?” “Yeah” Jason Thought.