• she woke up that morning like any other
    rubbed the sleep from her eyes and took her little brother
    in her arms and kissed him goodbye
    never imagined it would be the last time
    tired, cuz neither of them had eaten in days
    in the labrynth of life, survival had become a maze

    she was 17 with actress ambitions
    not your average orphan, 8 weeks from graduation
    a pretty girl with a light in her eyes
    that was right before she walked outside
    never imagining what she was
    walking into,
    tripping into,
    crashing into..

    January 12 2010
    everything. changed. for them.
    do you know what its like?
    when you, stop living just to try to survive
    pinch yourself just to make sure that your alive
    the taste of your own blood
    and the weight of the world
    literally falling on your shoulders

    that day, the sky rolled back like an ancient scroll
    every gleaming star dropped from its place
    like the tears of a 6 year old boy
    as he struggles to pull his mother from beneath their home
    everything he has ever known
    has changed

    when hell broke loose in paradise
    and the sun went black
    black like the dust the covered the city
    black like mass burials
    black like bodies barricading the streets
    the very ground they stood on was ripped from beneat their feet
    buildings brought to their knees
    as if in violent prayer
    as if to cry out for salvation
    "remember your promise, remember your children, oh God"

    it seemed as though the apocolypse had been unleased upon the land
    and at anymoment, the corpses would rise like voodoo magic zombies
    just to show the irony-
    they wouldnt look much different from their survivors:
    broken skin stretched over skeletons
    eyes hallow with hunger
    and clouds of smoke as dark as sin
    with their grips around the throats of the innocent

    she blinks, and blinks
    but this nightmare will not go away
    the pain will not fade
    fade like the 230,000+ lives lost
    to mass graves on the outskirts of town
    nameless, faceless, nobody at all
    as if they were nobody at all

    but through it all..
    somewhere a child will pray a familiar song:
    "hes got the whole world in his hands..."

    Hes got you and me brother
    Hes got he and she sister
    and all the boys and girls born into this world
    like messengers of God
    the keys to the kingdom hidden just beneath their skin
    holy water falling from their eyes as if their pupils held the new covenent

    these empoverished princes playing in the dirt
    the abandoned treasures of earth

    and i am waiting
    for my generation to change everything
    to use love to fight our way through earthquakes and catastrophe
    floods, hunger, hate, disease, and poverty

    because we are their family
    Commissioned to pray with the faith
    To turn flying bullets into floating butterflies,
    watch the sunrise in the eyes of
    Our brothers and sisters, and finally taste freedom
    Like tiny bare feet, hoping up the stairway to heaven...
    Back to our Father.