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    september,12,2054. Day 1

    Well hello to whoever finds this. I am Ein Chase one of the few survivors of this time. Were do i begin? It all happened august,5,2049. We`ve been fighting til then. I could remember the events clearly. I was walking one day when i heard a siren. Not the kind that you hear on firetrucks or police cars, I mean a loud one that could be heard across nations. Once i heard the siren before i knew it there were zombies surrounding me. I was scared i didnt know what to do! One lunged at me, luckily i dodged in time. If i wouldn`t have dodged i would be dead. I ran to god knows were. For the first time it actually felt good to run. I`m not really what you would call an "athletic" type. For 17 im pretty well built. On my way to shelter i saw a woman surrounded by those bastards. I thought about running away but i couldn`t. I dont know why its just weird. I had to find a weapon. There was a a plank with a rusty nail in it. I`ve never actually fought before. As i swung at the infected i thought wow, so this is what it`s like to be noticed (well i think everyone was zombie chow). "Thank you!" she said then she buried her face in my chest latching to my neck.I pulled her away from my chest and said "If we wanna get out of here alive we have to stick together." i said. We began to walk when she asked "were`d you find that?" "behind the dumpster. i saw a pipe back there if you want it?" "im fine" "are you sure?" "yeah. Im sure".

    ----------PART 2 COMING SOON-----------