• It was a wonderful sunny day and Mia was walking to school with her best friend Isabel. They were both in the 9th grade. They had known each other since they were in the 1st grade, when Mia had just moved into town. They told each other everything boy crushes, secrets ect....

    But Mia had a dark secret. She was not to tell anyone. Though Isabel never suspected Mia had any secrets hidden from her. But today Mia was a little off. "What’s wrong?" asked Isabel. "Nothing" answered Mia with a smile. "Are you sure?" asked Isabel. Mia nodded "Yes". But Isabel was still not convinced.

    For the rest of the day Isabel noticed Mia was spacing out in all of her classes. Lunch came and passed. Mia was still spacing out. Now Isabel was really worried.

    When the day was over Mia and Isabel were walking home. "Would you like to go to the mall this Saturday?" asked Isabel. Mia thought for a second, then said "Sure".

    The days passed uneventful. Mia was still spacing out on her classes. Then came Saturday morning. Mia was still asleep when her cell phone rang. "Hello" said Mia as she opened her cell phone. It was Isabel, "Good Morning!!! Are you ready to go to the mall?"."Yea meet at the bus stop" answered Mia with a yawn.

    After 30 minutes passed Mia walked out of the house ready to go. She started heading for the bus stop. There she met Isabel. They both got on the bus and went to the mall.

    Hours passed and the two girls were having lots of fun. They had lunch at a Mc' Donald near the mall, then they went back to the mall. Hours passed and Isabel saw it was getting late. "Hey Mia we should go its 6:00pm." Mia nodded and they both went for the bus stop.

    All of a sudden Mia started feeling dizzy. Her eyes turned bloody red and she ran away from Isabel. Isabel ran after, but soon she lost sight of Mia. She looked everywhere but couldn't find Mia.

    It was dark the sun had hidden away. Isabel didn't give up and continued looking. Finally she got the idea and went into an ally. She walked into the ally and saw a girl with glowing red eyes. She had blood all over her clothes.

    Isabel backed away and looked down. She saw two guys dead on the floor, she looked back up at the girl. Isabel couldn't move. She wanted to run but couldn't. She looked at the girl and saw it was Mia. Mia stared at Isabel who had grown pale and was shaking in fear. Then Mia said in a low voice " This is my dark secret". She laughed and said "You stupid humans hmph". Then Mia started walking towards Isabel taking her sweet time. Isabel stared at Mia as she walked towards her...