• Chapter 7
    Camren looked like she’d seen a ghost. Her face was paler than when she saw her parents. Her heart rate was dangerously low. I was so scared that I was going to lose her that I started telling her to snap out of it. It took me two minutes to get her to snap out of it.
    When she finally snapped out of it, I hugged her tightly. I’m so scared for her life. I feel like I’m going to lose her soon and my nightmare is making that more pronounced.
    “Thank God you’re okay. I’m not ready to lose you. I’m staying by your side whether you like it or not. I’m making sure that you’re protected and secure all day long. You’re not going to change my mind about this. I care about you far to much to trust your life with anyone else, but me or your sister.” I told her.
    Surprisingly, she didn’t argue.
    “I am not going to try to change your mind. I want to spend more time with you. I’ll let you stay at our place, but you are not sleeping on my bed. You can sleep in my room, just not in my bed. I’ll let you have that much, nothing more.” she told me.
    “That’s all I need. As long as I’m with you, all my days will be perfect. You’re my life now. I will take care of you till the very end. I’m glad that that your willing to do this for me. I know that you’re my future, so this is the first step towards our newly found relationship.” I told her.