• There was no chance of it ever happening.

    Not even if you stick me in an oven, and try to preform the play Hanzel and Gretel as a real life freaky killer sort of thing.

    No, not even then.

    My head was currently under a pillow, earphones in, listening to the comformity music of the world. I was dressed and ready to go someplace nice. Really nice.

    I was supposed to be in the car, heading towards a wedding. I had my issues however, seeing as it wouldn't happen.

    "Lee! Get in the car now!" My mother sounded from the kitchen like a professional.

    "Ain't gonna happen." I lifted my head out from under the pillow to scream back.

    "We're going!" She yelled.

    I had no response to something that clever, so I just turned up the music that I didn't even like. In fact this iPod wasn't even mine.

    The car pulled out of the driveway, the engine roared, and then it was all quiet. Maybe it was safe to come out. I pulled out one earphone, then the other. All clear.

    I shut off that stupid music and ran to the bathroom. There, in the full length mirror, I examined the damage.

    It looked like a freaking cream puff on a twig.

    I was the quite glamorous twig, if you couldn't figure that out.

    The dress was pale yellow and frilly. Two strikes right there. It had ribbons and bows, and a petticoat underneath.

    Strike 400.

    In no parallel universe was that happening. In none of my universes, was that going to happen.

    I ran back to my room, slamming the door and pressing myself up against it. My eyes darted around the room.

    It was time.

    I took off that stupid dress and hurled it on the floor. Then I ran over to my dresser.

    I'm almost as detailed as a serial killer, only not as creepy.

    I got out the ratty sweatpants, and ripped shirt. Oh yes, yes I did. I put it on and strutted out.

    That, is the only way to face the world.

    In something that can't get much worse, and a sandwich in hand.

    So I was at home, the day my sister got married. Dancing in sweats, and eating what I wanted.

    Who was happier now?