• Brownies and Belching Contests

    The chocolate brunette sighed as rubbed his head, trying to focus on the sheets of paper before him. His sapphire orbs flicked over all the problems and such. It was so difficult for him, and this was only a review! Who knew what the actual test would be like. He tapped his pencil unpatiently and boredly against his wooden desk. His sapphire eyes scanned a number of books lined up among the desk and pressed tightly together, hugging the wall. He fingered a petite desk lamp that provided some dim lighting that cut through the darkness of the dorm room.

    His sapphire eyes flicked to the golden blond beside him, studying intently with his brown eyes behind glasses, his pencil flying across the pages of the little red book beneath his fingers. His fingers were dexterous as they moved speedily with pencil in hand. His free hand brushed back some bangs that was growing faster than the rest of his hair.

    The brunette let out a sigh as he took a chocolate brownie from the red plate set in the middle of the two. He nibbled on the edges for a few seconds before continuing his studying. The brownie supply between the two diminished slowly into the night.

    The brunette held his forehead in his free hand, his other transferring between feeding brownies to his open maw and writing down the answers to high caliber math problems. He sighed again, his right hand reaching for another sweet brownie.

    Then his hand met the tanned, shaking, and slightly clamy hand of the blond. Sapphire met darkened earth for a few seconds, and both were sent back to a time ago, where everything was innocent, funny, and sweet. That, and gross disgusting things were cool.


    The time was back in childhood. Two boys stood by a wooden countertop, watching the blond's older sister stir some sweet smelling brown batter, pouring chocolate chips and chopped almonds into it occasionally.

    The two boys were quite small, but they both were only six and seven. The blond had never worn glasses to cover his earthy eyes, which weren't as dark as they were now. His hair was shorter also, but still in a golden color. He was frail and delicate, like a dandelion on a windy day.

    The brunette boy had shining blue eyes of hope, gently brushed by bangs on his forehead. He was tan from playing outside in the sun. He was lithe and slender, also from playing years outside. He had a humongous grin that never seemed to end.

    Time went by easily as the two settled themselves at the kitchen table, the older sister carrying a large crimson plate of freshly baked brownies to the table that was covered in printer paper and coloring utensils.

    "Alright guys dig in!!"The older sister smiled and exclaimed."But Neku..."

    "Yes?"The blond male looked up to his perky older sister.

    "Don't eat to much. That goes for you to Kane."The slender female wagged a finger chidingly.

    "Okay!"The brunette grinned before taking a large bit from a brownie.

    "Riiiight..."The female plucked a red leather coat from a nearby chair."I'll be off now. I'm sure you can handle an hour by yourselves?"

    "Yes we can!"Neku chimed also biting on a brownie, one of his hands drawing multiple circles and scribbles on some paper with a blue marker.

    "Good. I'll see you both later."The sister winked and waved."If dad is late I'm sure you can operate the microwave."She opened the door and left, leaving the two boys alone with the nut and chocolate chip brownies.

    The two gave the other a nod before grabbing a brownie and digging in as they focused upon their drawings of what was large squiggles, people without necks, and poorly drawn houses made up of a triangle and a few rectangles and squares. The brownies slowly deplenished till there was only one of the chocolately and almondy goodness left.

    Both their hands reached for it at the same time, the blond's brown eyes meet the brunette's sapphire as the brownie was stll underneath both their hands.

    "What should we do? We could cut it in half..."Neku asked, his hand retreating from the sweet a small bit.

    "No! I want the whole brownie!"Kane exclaimed, putting his small hands behind his brunette head."And I know you do to!"

    "So what should we do?"Neku leaned against the table, on his arms.

    Kane also leaned, tapping his lips inquisitively. He sat there, in six-year-old thought, for a few seconds. His sapphire eyes gleamed as an idea came to his mind. Kane turned to Neku, a large, silly grin plastered on his face.

    "What is it? Got an idea?"Neku asked, tilting his head questionably.

    Kane's grin turned into a devious smirk. He closed in on Neku's ace, prompting Neku to look at him more interestingly. As Kane was close enough he released a disgusting, chocolate scented burp into the other's face.

    "Whoa..."Neku waved the air in front of his face."A burping contest?"

    "Yup!"The brunette nodded excitedly."A belching contest for the last brownie!"

    Neku shrugged uncaringly, then nodded."Okay!"A small smile began to etch across his face. A loud and long belch erupted from the boy, sending more chocolate scented air wafting around the two.

    "Awesome! But can you beat this?!"Kane patted his stomach, a belch, longer, louder, and infilled with the smell of the contents of his stomach, than Neku's infused the air, and attacked the other's face.

    "Cool, cool. I think I can beat that..."


    The eyes traveled back to the present, back then, the future. The two young males were now in they're twenties, and still had that devious gleam from their even younger times.

    "I'll beat you this time!"Neku beamed, crackings his knuckles.

    "You have only won once or twice in these contests. You won't win!"Kane commented, patting his stomach.

    "I've been practicing! You watch!"Neku ordered, before a loud, lengthy belch erupted from his gullet.

    The belching contest began, and with laughs and burps, and smells, the two were brought back to childhood.

    With brownies and belching contests.