• Chapter 1
    The sounds of everyone involved in their busy lives clattered the city streets. There was a time, believe it or not, where there were no cell phones, email, or other portable electronics. People were more aware of one another and had to get involved with others. It is believed that as time goes on and new technology is invented the more we lose touch with one another. Instead of a family spending time together and having dinner they send messages through the computer and through phones. It’s hard to get a hold of anyone if you don’t keep up in the high demand lifestyle. With the lack of human to human relations many people also believe it was the cause of the horrible divorce generations, the lack of knowledge in the word love. The compassion of love for others has faded. Everyone thinks about themselves now as greed plays a more important role leaving the word to suffer in loneliness and pain. One man believes with his full heart that love is still very much alive. Being what his job is that is one good thing.
    “Good morning, Amor!” The merchant at a flower cart said with a smile.
    “Well good morning to you as well!” Amor said with a smile.
    “Got any interesting plans today?”
    “Of course I always do!” Amor said. “This is a busy day for me.”
    “You say that every day!”
    The flower merchant turned to greet one of the customers, who picked out and was ready to purchase a bouquet of flowers. Amor stopped looking over the flowers on the stand as if he was examining one to pick out as well. He paused realizing there were a couple of flowers that looked unhealthy. The flowers appeared to be on their last limb with its beauty slowly fading away. Without the beauty of the colorful pedals the flowers would be discarded to die away in a trash bin. Amor turned looking up at the merchant who was still dealing with the customer. Reaching out he placed his hand out over the flowers hovering only a few inches above them. Pulling his hand away the flowers look new again as if he brought them back to life giving them another chance. He smiled at the work he did and turned away walking off. The merchant turned waving him off over his shoulder as he attended to the next customer ready to pay for a bouquet.
    Amor turned the corner walking through the crowds of people heading as quickly as he could to his destination. As he walked he studied how everyone was. He watched their movements, their expressions, and could ready their emotions. He stopped right in the middle of the sidewalk to see everyone’s reaction. Like a line of ants for only a second they paused but continued on creating a new path around him. He knew if he suddenly stood still he would go on unnoticed as they continued to walk passing him right by. That was something he was sickly to see but he still had hope for everyone there. A little girl being pulled by her mother bumped into him losing her stuffed animal. She turned with a panic but her mother was in such a hurry she continued to tug on her arm as she talked on the cell phone. The girl turned reaching out with a panic look on her face. Amor reached out his hand and the stuffed animal lifted off the ground and floated to the girl’s hands. Everyone around was too stuffed up in their own worlds to even notice this event unfold. She looked up and smiled at him as she lipped the words thank you before disappearing into the crowd and out of sight. He continued walking until he reached a large skyscraper. He entered the main floor lobby and the people at the desk greeted him as he passed by. He made his way to the elevators and hit the up button and waited patiently for one of the doors to open. The door slid open and he went inside and pressed the highest floor on the list. The doors started to shut behind him when a young woman appeared shouting for him to hold the door.
    Amor stuck his arm out grabbing the door just before it shut and she stepped inside taking in deep breaths. She reached out pressing the floor she needed to go to and she leaned up against the back wall. It was only the two of them in the elevator and the cheesy music wasn’t making the mood and more lively. She stood there staring at the door of the elevator and he was standing there calm next to her. He didn’t want this awkward situation to continue so he turned to her and smiled. She looked over at him and smiled uncomfortably and turned away when they made eye contact.
    “So what brings you here today?” Amor asked.
    “What brings you here today?” Amor asked.
    “I’m here for business.”
    “That’s exciting to hear, I’m also here for business.”
    “You have business on the top floor?” She asked putting at the buttons. “The top four floors are still under reconstruction.”
    “Yeah I need to take a look around the area.”
    “I see.”
    “My name is Amor.”
    “Um...my…my name is Artemis.”
    “That’s a beautiful name, Goddess of the moon.” Amor said.
    “What?” Artemis asked.
    “That’s what your name means.”
    The elevator stopped and the door slid open. Artemis turned to him and with an uncomfortable smile she pointed to the door avoiding making eye contact with him. She turned away and stepped out as the door closed once again. The elevator jerked a little and continued its travel up the elevator shaft towards the top floor. When the elevator reached its final destination Amor stepped out. On this floor most of the walls were torn down and construction equipment was scattered around. Plastic was place out blocking any of the rain or wind from blowing inside. He walked around trying to find an entry way to the roof of the building. He found a stairway that was also blocked off by the plastic. He reached out and pulled the plastic to the side and started up the stairway. When he got to the rooftop of the skyscraper he walked straight over to the ledge looking down at the rest of the city. He closed his eyes and took in a deep breath as he concentrated and at that moment the thousands of voices filled his head. He could hear the hearts of the people and what they desperately cried out for. It would seem to most people this sensation would be overwhelming but this was much different from the past. In the past he could hear the cries of more people’s hearts.
    Before you go off trying to figure out who he was the answer is simple. The answer lies in his name but we know him better under another name. Amor pulled off his suit jacket and held out his left hand in front of him. With his right hand he reached up over his back. Gold dust fell from his fingertips and a long shaft appeared out of nothing in his right hand. Pulling his hand up over his shoulder the golden shaft was completed as an arrow with a gold heart tip. In his left hand he held a beautifully crafted bow which he placed the arrow in and drew back the string. Aiming he stood motionless with the stress on his arm as he waited for the perfect moment. He was like a statue, a perfect hunter with his weapon drawn and his mind clear. His eyes were focused on a young woman sitting at a table outside a little restaurant. She had a nervous look on her face as she kept checking her cell phone. She looked around as people past by as if she was waiting for someone. A young man came walking up from behind her at a slow pace. She turned looking at him and she quickly stood up.
    She started making a commotion nearly knocking over everything over on the table. She started pacing back and forth as she tried explaining things to him. He stood there silently listening to everything she said. Amor could hear in her voice she was desperate trying to explain everything. She made a horrible mistake and she regretted it deeply and all she wanted was his forgiveness. She was pushing him away because she was unsure about herself and unsure about how he really felt towards her. She said horrible things to purposely hurt him, thinking that by pushing him away would be best. After that moment he disappeared for a while not answering his phone or calling her. When she was done explaining herself she began to apologize to him. Before she could finish he held up his hand telling her not to say another word. She tried to continue on but he held his hand out again. When he did it this time around Amor released his arrow. The arrow sliced through the air just missing flying birds and moving much quicker than and projection object made. The golden arrow hit its target disappearing in to her chest and into her heart. The young man began apologizing to her explaining to her that it wasn’t her fault. He told her it was his fault for never making it clear on how he felt about her. He was afraid and made her stress for his concerns. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small box and dropped to one knee. Her eyes widened as she covered her mouth in shock. He told her that he loved her and always loved her and then he asked her to marry him. Amor turned looking around the city for his next target.

    Amor stepped into the elevator and hit the main floor button. He leaned up against the back wall and watched the door slide shut. The elevator hesitated at first than started to descend. He started laughing to himself as he listened to the wonderful music that the building provided for the riders. The elevator suddenly came to a stop and Amor was startled since he wasn’t really paying attention to anything. He stood up straight as the doors started to open. When they were fully open standing in the doorway was Artemis.
    “Artemis, this must be fate for we meet again!” Amor said.
    “Oh, it’s you.”
    “Now don’t act so excited. Are you done with your business?”
    “Yes I am.” Artemis said.
    “Well that’s good to hear so am I am too.”
    “Good to know.” Artemis said.
    “Well than since you’re off of work you won’t mind going out for a cup of coffee.”
    “Wh-wh-wh…um I can’t my work doesn’t really ever end.”
    “I see neither does mine.” Amor said.
    He leaned up against the wall again, looking at the door as he waited for the elevator to reach the main floor. The elevator jerked again and something fell out of the bag that Artemis was carrying. She quickly lowered down to reach out the thing the fell out. Amor Quickly bent down to grab the thing for her. When he did his hand made contact with hers. He quickly pulled away and stood up with the item in his hands. She stood up slowly and turned looking at him. He handed the item back to her and she took it and placed it into the bag again. He looked down at his hand for a moment and then he turned to her and smile.
    “Well it was a pleasure to meet you.” Amor said. “Have a good life.”
    “Good life?” Artemis asked. “Yeah right you too.”
    The door opened and he turned to her placing his hand up by her head. She ducked looking up at his hand. He patted the side of her head to fix her hair and when he pulled away a flower was placed in her hair. He stepped out of the elevator and turned waving to her before he stepped away. She stood there in shock as she reached up to touch the flower. Before she did she stopped not wanting to make contact with it with her hands. The door slid shut to the elevator and through the reflection in the door she could see the flower in her hair. She started shaking her head and she quickly reached out hitting the open button of the elevator. She reached up touching the flower and it died in her hands.

    “Good morning and how’s the flower business going for you today?” Amor asked.
    “Business is good!”
    The merchant at the stand turned looking at Amor with a smile. He handed the bouquet of flowers to the customer and pulled out a signal flower. He reached out handing it to Amor.
    “What is this for?”
    “Take it; it is a gift for you.” The Merchant said. “Why you look so happy all the time? Yet you never have a special lady friend with you?”
    “Well you see, with my job I don’t have time to build a relationship with anyone.”
    “This job you have better pay good money.”
    “Oh it does pay off doing my job. That is for sure.”
    “Well you have a good day okay!”
    “I will!” Amor said turning away.
    He started down the busy roads once again this time heading in a different direction from last time. He entered a little coffee shop where the line was incredibly long just like every coffee shop in the city. Everyone fiddled back in forth as they waited to get their coffee to get their days started. Or purchase coffee for other co-workers and bosses. Everyone in line was dressed professionally and constantly checked their watches and phones. The line looked as if it was a line of kids dancing to go to the bathroom as they waited. Reality everyone there was worried about being late for work and being canned. The city was full of people ready to take their spot and they knew that was a factor fighting against them. There was one man who was different from the rest. He did not wear a suit and was not pacing with a worried look on his face. Instead he stood there calmly waiting for his turn to order his coffee. His name was Jerry The thing about Jerry was he hated the city. He was forced by his family to find a professionally career. Mainly his father who stated many times that Jerry was a useless person who simply feeds off of everyone around him. The truth was Jerry wanted to become a writer. He wanted to create books of all sorts from Novels to children’s books. He wanted to write fictionally stories about fantasy words and heroic people.
    Many people told Jerry that he was wasting his time. That someone like him could never write a book that anyone would care about or even buy. Jerry refused to listen to everyone but subconsciously he would put off his stories many times losing focus or becoming scared of failing. To Jerry it wasn’t about the money at all not saying that he would have just given all the money away and that it wouldn’t be nice. The thing Jerry wanted the most was to share his stories with many people around the word. He hoped that Millions of people had the chance to read at least one of his stories. When Jerry first came to this city he was all dressed up in his suit like everyone else. He was walking down the street just outside this coffee shop when he saw something that caught his eye. He seen the most beautiful person he had ever seen before. She was one of the workers there at the store and he wanted more than anything to meet her. Her name was Britney and she was also matched with kindness to compliment her beauty. That first day he meet her he entered the store, thankfully it was a rather slow day for the coffee shop. He walked right up to her and took his time ordering something. He was not a coffee person at all and prior to that moment never ordered a coffee. The two of them started talking and he couldn’t help talk about his dream.
    Britney was amazed to hear his stories and encouraged him to move towards his dreams. She told him not to lose himself in the robots in the suits. The thing was she was an artist herself who dreamed of letting the world know of her work. Out of playfulness they made a promise that the first children’s book he wrote that she would be his illustrator. From that moment on he went back to his casual clothes and started working on his stories again. He would stop by everyday to talk to her even if it was only for a second. He was happy that he had that conversation with her for she was the first person to support his dreams. It was strange for him especially coming from a complete stranger. But that did not matter to him since it was the first time it happened. He was now about five people away from the counter and could clearly she her. Amor was standing by the door watching he could feel the tension going on in the room from everyone but the emotions flowing from Jerry was overwhelming. The truth was even though he came to this coffee shop everyday to talk to Britney he never knew the exact reasons why he made it there.
    Amor took off his business suit coat once again and placed it on the back of a chair right next to him. This time it was different he had to make a shot in front of everyone. Unlike on the rooftop and outside he didn’t have to worry about being seen for he could operate like a sniper. He could take shots on people from quite a bit of distance away. Since this would be something that would be awkward or cause a scene he would rely on a skill he learned from a long time ago. This skill made him become unnoticed completely by anyone around him. This ability was unique for not only did he become invisible to the people around him he could also hide his voice and pass through objects. He could also decide on letting only one person in the room see him or a random group of selected people. Amor held his left arm out like he did before and he pulled out a beautiful golden arrow again. Stringing it on the bow he pulled back and stood waiting for the right moment to fire. He had the arrow aimed at Britney and then he lowered it to the ground. He was confused for now the situation didn’t seem right a minute ago he knew he was supposed to fire at Britney. Now everything in his body told him not to fire anymore. It was strange and something that had never happened to him before. Letting up on the tension of the pull completely he let go of the arrow and it disappeared into gold dust.
    He let go of the bow and it started to fall towards the floor. When the bow completely lost contact from him it faded away just like the arrow. Amor stood there staring at Britney confused on why that happened. He turned towards his coat completely lost on what to do. Placing his coat back on him he turned walking out the door. When he was completely outside of the coffee shop a little girl approach him and he was startled. She looked up at him with a smile as she stood in his path from walking. The part that startled him was he was still using his ability to hide himself. He did not give anyone the opportunity to see him yet this girl was looking right at him.
    “That was a beautiful tool you had in the coffee shop.” The little girl said. “Does that make you Cupid?”
    “Yes young lady that is my name.”
    “Is it true?” She asked.
    “Is what true?” Amor asked confused.
    “Is it true that you have wings as white as snow like angel wings?”
    Amor started to laugh and he reached up and placed his fingers inside the back collar of his coat. Moving his hand around a little before he pulled out he bent down eye level with the girl. He held out his hand revealing a long white feather for her to have.
    “The stories are true, but young lady remember I don’t have the honor to be called and angel. I only mimic them with these wings.” Amor said. “I cannot use them like the angles to fly, so I do not reveal them anymore.”
    “That is so sad.” The girl said. “Even if you can’t fly it doesn’t me you are not an angel. It means you are special. You give the world love and that is one of the highest honors. Cupid you are beautiful don’t hide your wings from the world.”
    The girl took the feather and turned away disappearing among the people walking by. Amor looked around trying to find her or her parents but he lost sight of her really quickly. He turned looking back into the coffee shop once again. When he did Jerry was ordering his coffee and saying hello to Britney. She smiled but it was obvious that she was hiding some sort of pain inside of her. Amor turned to walk down the street heading back toward the direction of the little flower cart. When he appeared around the corner the merchant looked up at him with a smile. He held up his hand signaling for Amor to hold on one second.
    “You forgot your flower Amor.”
    “I see I’m sorry about that. I was running a little late and was in a hurry.” Amor said as he took the flower. “Thank you for the flower.”
    Amor grabbed the flower and waved goodbye. He was walking down the side walk as he thought about everything that happened at the coffee shop. It didn’t make sense to him and he was trying to figure out what went wrong. He looked down at the flower the merchant gave him, spinning it between his fingers. No matter how he looked at the situation nothing happened to should have drastically changed him not shooting an arrow. He was going over everything that happened before he reached the coffee shop and everything that happened inside. As he thought about when he left his eyes widened and he paused.
    “That little girl was able to see me when no one should have. But she also could say my true name. She was able to call me—
    Amor continued walking again turning the corner when he slammed right into someone. The force knocked the other person down and he stumbled back a few feet using the building to hold him up. He realized that he had bumped into a young woman and he quickly rushed in to help her up to her feet. When she got up to her feet they made eye contact and she quickly stepped back away from him letting go of his hand.
    “Wow Artemis can you believe we ran into each other again. It was literally this time around wasn’t it?”
    “I’m sorry I wasn’t…wait what was your name again?”
    “It’s Amor. My name is Amor.”
    “Yeah that’s right. Well Sorry can’t go for coffee again or even talk. I have some work to do.”
    “What kind of work do you do Artemis?” Amor asked.
    “What kind of work do you do?”
    “Sorry, like I said no time to talk got to go!”