• Slap!
    "What!," Slap! "Did," (oh you know whats coming.) "You." "Do?!"
    Riika was fuming over Teddy who had clearly failed a mission.
    "You make her cry! She even confessed! And you turn her down because of your long dead father?!"
    Alyss was still tearing in a corner, wiping her tears as the Mad Hatter and Dormouse tried to cheer her up.
    "Cheer up Alyss!"
    "He is the mad one here. Trying to make our new Queen sad!"
    "Don't take pity on me. Please? Teddy.. he just... just..."
    Alyss burst into a fresh batch of tears. Mad Hatter and Dormouse shook their heads.
    "It's no use, Matt!"
    The Mad Hatter nodded, and blew a milky chocolate brown color sphere of White Magic towards the fighting duo. It turned a corner, and was out of sight.
    "My father died protecting her! I can't make her sad with promises!" Teddy yelled.
    "Your going to die soon enough!" Riika cried angrily. "You two played so much together, it was sooo cute! And now your just MOURNING because your long dead dad was trying to protect her? That's called being noble, Sherlock!"
    Teddy went quiet as the ball slowly floated towards Riika. She caught it in the air, and it popped. The room filled with the Mad Hatter's voice.
    "AAhhhh Riika. Situation here. Alyss won't stop crying because she doesn't know why Teddy refused her! Especially after confessing her love!"
    The ball then floated towards Teddy. He seemed very annoyed, as he punched the ball open.
    "Teddy! Shame on you!"
    "SHUT UP!" Teddy screamed.
    He stretched his fingers out and pulled them in. Alyss, Matt, Dormouse, and Carrotop all glided in. Carrotop was stirring a heavenly smelling mixture of carrot cake.
    "Listen, all of you! Neither of you understand! Especially you, you nosy little brat trying to get everything right and saying your protecting her!"
    He shot an angry finger at Alyss. She flinched. But his gaze was locked on Riika.
    "Have you even thought of how people react to what you do?! Have you ever thought that maybe Alyss didn't care?! And you never even thought of listening to her thoughts! I know Alyss Chan! Through and through! You will never understand Riika!"
    Alyss released a small gasp.
    "...Your right.. I get angry too easily, and don't want to listen.. I'm rash... and hasty.."
    For the first time, Alyss spotted tears forming on Riika's soft face.
    "I probably won't understand.... maybe I just won't find someone to love..."
    She wiped her tears away, and seemed glued to the floor. Her body was shaking, her fists clenched together.
    "I don't want to understand.. everything is so, so confusing. Life is never simple. You have it easy.. Fighting, training, and falling in love with Alyss... What is love? Whats it like to fight? Does it hurt to train?"
    She shook her head sadly.
    "No, I don't understand Teddy. Teach me someday. Maybe.. Maybe... maybe in the next millennium.."
    She ran off covering her mouth, lowering the volume of her sobs. The splatter of tears echoed in the hall.
    "You said too much Teddy!"
    Alyss ran after her friend. Silence befell the remaining four.
    "I'll.. head back to the kitchen. You know, got to get that cake in..
    "The tea too.. yes.. we should get ready for her birthday."
    "Oh yes, the snacks as well!"
    The trio ran off in a rush, leaving Teddy alone. He pounded the floor with his fist.
    "D***it! Why the hell does this happen to me?!"
    "Extra! Extra! Queen's Party hosted Kingdom Wide!"
    Newspapers were spread everywhere about Alyss' return to the throne, and her birthday. Teddy made handmade invitations to apologize, and Riika was nowhere to be found. The unlikely trio of Matt, Dormouse, and Carrotop were preparing all the food and drinks for the entire event. Alyss was watching and helping them make the food with white magic for taste.
    "Cakes, oh yes cakes galore!"
    Suddenly, a hare hopped in.
    Carrotop glared at the hare in great dislike.
    "Who is he?" Alyss whispered to Carrotop.
    "Thats the March Hare. He marches around, telling people messages and has a problem with tea. Always marching in on our tea parties, I dare say!" Carrotop replied angrily.
    "Mad Hatter! Good to see you! I see you are, ahem, in work?"
    "My, oh, my! What a pleasant surprise! March Hare! Surely, you will be marching in on our party? Ah, but you have a message also? Correct?"
    "Correct indeed!" (Carrotop snarled.) "All the citizens want to know if they come right in, or need an invite."
    "Invite!" Carrotop cried shrilly.
    "Okay then.. Right. Ms. Alyss, I regret to inform you that Riika has been injured."
    "WHAT?!" she yelled.
    She ran out the doors, fast as lightning strikes.
    Riika! Please, hold on!