• “Sleeping beauty I’m leaving!” I heard my sister shout, following by the door slamming. It was Saturday morning, I’m a little excited. Today was the drama fair in the mall! Nothing right now would stop me from going. I’ve been waiting this whole month!
    Suddenly, my phone rang on my bedside stand.
    “Hello?” I answered.
    “Hi Miki…It’s Aya.” I heard her shy voice come in softly.
    “Hey, what’s up?” I asked.
    “Um…I didn’t know who to ask to come with me…but I wanted to know if you would like to come to the mall with me? They’re having a fair, and I know you must be busy but…”
    “Of course I’d love to go!” Who knew that Aya also wanted to go. I smiled.
    “Really? Alright, I’ll meet you at the entrance in an hour.” She confirmed.
    After we hung up, I got up and got dressed. I wore my hair down in curls, and my favorite top, with a matching skirt. If I wanted to make it to the mall in time, I should be leaving soon. I didn’t slide down the stairs this time. After locking up, I was already out and onto the sidewalk.
    “Miki.” Someone called my name. immediately I jumped, and turned around. I let out a breath when I saw it was only Kei.
    “What are you doing here?” I asked.
    “I was just on my way to see you. Where are you going?” He asked as he got closer to me.
    “I’m going out.” I replied.
    “Where to?” He smiled. He was already in front of me. I can’t tell him where, or he’ll make fun of me!
    “To work.” I said in a rush. He lifted an eyebrow.
    “You’re going to work…in that outfit?” He asked. The smile has flown the coop! Think faster Miki!!!
    “Um…to…my sister’s work place!” I almost yelled, but I calmed down and continued, “Yeah, I’m going to Shiori’s workplace to meet up with her.” I nodded evenly.
    “Cool, can I…” Before he could finish, I kissed him on the cheek.
    “Well I better get going!” I said, and ran down the sidewalk. He didn’t follow…but I knew he was giving me some type of look. I could feel it.

    When I got off the subway, I rushed down to the entrance of the mall. Since I missed the first train, I had to wait extra for the second one.
    “Aya!” I shouted when I spotted her.
    “Miki, you made it.” She smiled.
    “Of course! I was planning to go anyway, because I love the shows.” I smiled back.
    “Really?! What’s your favorite?” She asked as we entered the mall. I looked at the booth that made my eyes sparkle.
    “Serious Love!” I could almost scream. Aya yelled it too. There were booths everywhere and a big TV screen.
    “Miki? Aya?” We saw Akane and the girls walk up to us.
    “Hey…guys…” I said nervously with an embarrassed grin.
    “What are you guys doing here?” They asked. I sighed.
    “Truth is, we came to enjoy the fair.” I said.
    “Really? So did we.” They all smiled. I couldn’t believe they were fans too. I laughed inside.
    “Ladies and gentlemen, we now bring you a special preview of next season from, Serious Love.” Everyone screamed and cheered as the TV screen went on.
    “From first season, Naoki.” The announcer said.
    “The plane is leaving, are you coming?” Naoki was always the one wearing glasses, and always had the serious face. The smart one.
    “From second season, Andou.”
    “I love you, and those are my honest feelings.”
    Andou was the honest guy who only told the truth.
    “From third season, Keiji.”
    “I don’t need permission to like you.”
    Keiji, the one who always rode a motorbike. The bad boy of them all.
    “And this seasons, Shou and Shigeru.”
    “You can’t tie me down.”
    Shou, the play boy of the pack. I rolled my eyes.
    “I’m serious, I love you!” I screamed. Shigeru was the romantic one!
    “Next season, be prepared for a Serious Love!” The screen went off. And everybody cheered.
    “Did you see how cool Keiji was?” Akane sighed.
    “Andou looked so handsome!” Meiko said.
    “I liked Shigeru better.” I announced with a sigh.
    “No, no, no. It was all Shou!” Kaori giggled. We all looked at her. Shou was such a player!
    “Who do you like?” We all asked Aya.
    “Naoki.” She blushed in a daze. We all laughed together.
    The rest of the day, we ate, drank, played games and even sang some karaoke. This fair just serious fun, and I loved it!

    “Ha-ha, we’ll see you guys later.” I smiled and waved as we said our goodbyes after the fair. It was getting late, to the point of a sunset about to bloom. Aya and I were walking to the park. It was only twenty minutes into the walk when Aya said, “Do you feel like we’re being followed?” She asked. Suddenly I could feel it too.
    “Follow me.” I whispered as I began to walk faster, until I broke out into a run. I grabbed Aya’s hand an we ran through the park. But half-way, she tripped by the fountain.
    “Aya!” Someone yelled. Before I could see who it was, I flipped them over like I did with Mami in the bathroom.
    “Miki, wait!” Someone else held me from behind. I calmed myself, I knew that voice.
    “Kei?!” I turned around.
    “Yo.” He smiled.
    “Jiro?” Aya said, looking at the guy I threw on the ground.
    “Aya, are you hurt?!” He went over to her side.
    “What are you guys doing here?” I asked as Jiro helped Aya up.
    “We uh…” Kei scratched his head. He didn’t know what to say huh? I looked at Jiro, he looked at me with a weird expression.
    “Well, I got a call from Kei and he said we were going to meet with you and Aya today. So of course I came along. But when we spotted you guys, he said we were going to see if you were cheating or something like that.” I gave Kei a glare.
    “What were you thinking? Why would you do that?!”
    “Whose the one who lied about meeting their sister?!”
    “I wouldn’t have to if you didn’t make fun of me liking my drama shows!”
    “Well I’m sorry you feel that way. Maybe I should just go!” Kei shouted. Jiro and Aya gasped.
    “No, I’ll be leaving first!” I walked ahead of him.
    “No you don’t!” He grabbed my waist and moved me to the side and walked ahead of me. I narrowed my eyes and charged him from behind. I don’t care who was looking anymore!!!
    He turned around in the last minute, and I ended up tackling him to the ground. I laughed evilly, got up, and ran from him.
    “Hey! Get back here!!!” Kei shouted.
    “See ya!” I teased.
    “Get back here!” Kei chased me. This was the best love a girl could have, I thought.

    [Meanwhile with Aya and Jiro watching them leave…]
    “They have a weird relationship.” Jiro commented.
    “Yeah, I think so too.”
    “Want to go get ice cream?” He asked Aya.
    “Sure.” Aya smiles.