• The immortals of Greek mythology are known by many. Also known, is the fact that the titans were cast into Tartarus by the gods of Mount Olympus, and were trapped there forever. Well that’s what they say, but as a descendant of a Titan I know that they didn’t stay in Tartarus for too long they escaped, but not on their own.
    Not all people know this but three titans did not fight alongside the others against the gods. They were Oceanus, and the brothers Prometheus and Epimetheus. Now as a brother of Atlas, who lead the attack on the gods after his father’s death, Prometheus was upset that his brother and the rest of his family were in such a horrible place. So as any loyal and kind son would, he distracted the hecatonchires (beasts that had fifty heads and one hundred hands each), that were guarding the entrapped titans, to free his family. The titans took their freedom and fled to the human world where it would be harder for the gods to find them. And there they stayed, but living in Tartarus took its toll in the titans, their bodies began to decay and soon they were merely souls.
    They knew that they had to do something or they would stay that way forever so they found a family of humans and used the newborns as hosts until each of the old members died and the family was bodies of man and the spirits of the titans. The gods discovered what Prometheus had done and knew that the only way to be able to find the titans they would have to also use the bodies of humans but what they didn’t know was that the pure and once kind titan’s hearts were becoming hateful and twisted and they had begun to plot their revenge. The first step in their plot was to steal Oceanus, Prometheus, and Epimetheus, in the bodies of babies, so as to weaken the god’s forces.
    Oceanus and Epimetheus both wanted to return to the gods and continually tried throughout the years but as each body died the human soul would grow stronger as the immortal soul grew dormant and during each life the titans would teach the young bodies of Oceanus and Epimetheus that they were titans and were to hate the gods and that one day they would destroy them.
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