• “Hey…Miki you there?” Kei waved a hand in front of my face. The bell had rung for lunch, but I was still glued to my seat. I’ve been like a statue the whole time since Takeru entered the classroom.
    “Miki?” Aya and the girls were looking at me. But because they felt intimidated by Kei, they stayed their distance. Aya was the only one who came closer.
    “Come with me.” Kei grabbed my arm and pulled me out into the hall.
    “What’s going on with you?” He asked. Did he really not know?! I refuse to answer if he didn’t know the reason of my silence and blank stares into nowhere.
    “Is this about the new transfer?” He finally asked. I didn’t say anything, so he continued.
    “Look, I already know what’s going on. You shouldn’t be scared; I’m here with you. As long as you stay by my side, you will be safe.” I started laughing automatically.
    “Why are you laughing?!” He glared at me.
    “Because…that sounded so corny and romantic!” I replied.
    “I thought you liked that sort of stuff?!”
    “Yeah, but when you do it, it’s hilarious. Because it doesn’t suite your style!” I tried to contain my laughter. Kei’s expression became flat.
    “Fine, I’m sorry.” I smiled.
    “Yeah you should be, when you laugh like that I thought it was because you were thinking I couldn’t protect you.” He was pouting. He was so cute, that I kissed him on the cheek and walked back into the class.
    The next couple of days, Kei was everywhere I could see. Following along with him, sometimes had Aya and Jiro.
    “Yay! Can you believe it’s Friday already?” Akane cheered. She seemed very happy. She wasn’t as happy as I was. Tomorrow was the drama fair at the mall!!! At times like these, I always felt like a nerd, nut I freaking loved it!
    Things were getting better. Kei and his friends were getting along with all of us now. Aya was happy about Jiro being here too. I’m glad they’re happy together. I smiled.
    “Hey, you’re not still in love with Jiro are you?” Kei whispered down to my ear. I gave him a weary flat look.
    “Are you jealous or something?” I asked him in a soft voice.
    “No, just warning you it’ll never work between you two. Can’t you see he’s madly in love with Aya?”
    “Good, just the way I want it. Since I’m interested in someone else anyway.” I leaned into him slowly, pretending to go in for a kiss. But instead of kissing him like he thought I was, I stood up. My actions brought a confused look on his face.
    “Where are you going?” He asked immediately.
    “Bathroom.” I rolled my eyes as I exited the room. Going to the bathroom shouldn’t be too traumatic. I’m sure I’m fine just going to the restroom. Lately, the only time I’ve been seeing Takeru around, is only during class. And he never looks at me or ever tries to make an attempt to approach me.
    When I entered the bathroom, I saw Mami and her friends. I didn’t bother to talk to them ever since the last time.
    “Hey Mami, look who it is.” The ravened haired girl next to Mami said. I remember her name from before, I think it was Haruna.
    “Miki, right?” Mami asked. Did she seriously forget who I was already?! How rude!!!
    “Well I was going to call you out later, but this is easier.” She said. All three of them, gathered in front of me.
    Suddenly Haruna, came rushing over, wanting to swing a hit. I ducked down. She ended up punching the wall. Did the truce from the other time mean nothing already?! The red head girl named Kari, did a spinning kick. I did a cartwheel to dodge. I knew taking gymnastics would be useful one day. I smiled. Mami yelled and came running at me with a pencil. What in the world?! I turned around and grabbed her arm, and flipped her over on her back. Thank goodness my sister was dating a judo instructor. He taught me some moves during the summer.
    “So I guess it’s true…” Mami got up slowly.
    “What’s true?” I asked with a glare.
    “That you’re Takeru’s girlfriend!” Haruna pointed to me. My expression became unreadable just then I think. How did they know? And couldn’t they have just asked me instead of fighting me?! I sighed.
    “That was a long time ago. we’re not together anymore, so don’t misunderstand.” I said.
    “It’s weird, when everyone heard that you were his girlfriend, they were all shocked. We all thought you were too much of an angel to have gone out with him. It would be even more shocking when everyone in school finds out.” I narrowed my eyes.
    “And how are they going to find out?” I asked seriously, while I grabbed her by the shirt. All three girls looked startled.
    “We…we won’t tell anyone.” Mami said nervously. I let her go.
    “But it’s bound to be spread by others. If you‘ve been with Takeru, then you would know what he‘s like.” Haruna said. Damn, I remember every little detail.
    “I’m sure when you join our group, it wouldn’t be so bad.” Kari smiled.
    “Why would I join the group, the group that was supposed to be like family?! Families don’t act so cruel!” I ran out of the bathroom.
    “Hey, what’s wrong?” I ran right into Kei. I looked at him, no need to make him think I can’t even go the bathroom by myself.
    “Nothing, I just saw a spider.” I laughed unevenly.
    “Okay?” He lifted an eyebrow. Thank goodness today was Friday.