• Rain pounded on my back as I walked towards that house. That house. 5143 Ritter street was an old house that moaned with age, its once vibrant blue gray paint chipping, and its once lush velvet curtains now dusty. It’s also the home of my friend, a loner boy by the name of Ash. I knock on the door, wind twisting and turning my hair every which way. He opened it slowly, wary of what really might be coming for him. I see him smile with relief that it’s only me and he lets me inside. I shut the door behind me. It’s warmer in the house, almost like the sun’s shining in on it. I take off my jean jacket and step into the old living room. I sit in front of the archaic brick fireplace with a fire roaring like a lion inside of it. It slowly, but steadily seeps into my bones as thick as molasses. He sits beside me, staring at my face. I look over to his face ashen and pale, with his hair silver, like ashes where he got his name. I feel the stare of his violet eyes as they bare into me. Then I hear a howl, ripping through the silence of the house. He jumps up, alarmed, ready to protect. He hears the knock at the door. Once, twice, three times. Then in comes Brent, his wispy brown hair whipping his face, his green eyes wide with alarm.
    “It’s them.” He panted.
    Ash nodded then turned to me. I knew what he had to do. I nodded in turn, my eyes took on the stern confidence they always had when he had to go. He gave me a slight peck on the cheek then bolted out the door fast and quick as lightning. I run to the door to see them. My Ash now was a grey wolf, His violet eyes spoke of his wisdom and authority. Brent was running beside him, his chocolate fur whipping in the wind. My wolves. I closed my eyes and shut the door. I resumed my position by the fire, waiting, fretting, wondering. I sat there for a long time, until I heard a light rapping at the door. I knew that rapping was not one of us. Not a human, nor a were. I sat completely still, and utterly silent, as the fire crackled away happily in the hearth. I tried to even stop my breathing, but then I heard it, the sound of nails clawing at the wood. Most vampires would spare their nails, but the especially deranged ones would claw and scratch, let you know they were coming and that you would be sure to die. Then I heard the splintering of the wood and stared at the ghastly red eyed beast before me. Then I screamed.
    Ash POV
    My paws flew across the lush green forest floor. I had to get to my pack, protect them. These vampyre were getting on the packs’ nerves, and mine as well. The cold wind ran through my pelt, ruffling. We reached the clearing where wolf and vampyre fought with tooth and claw. I start to go for the one closest to me, attacking the youngest of our pack, a young blue wolf named Cerulean. My claws were full of his skin, blood filling my nostrils with it’s coppery scent. The vampyre screeched and tried to throw me off. Then Cerulean snarled and bit the vampyre’s abdomen. I moved on, from vampyre to vampyre, ripping and tearing to shreds. Then I heard it. A thin scream that pierced the air as well as my heart. Rukari. Then it hit me as the vampyres retreated. This was just a decoy. A ploy to get me away from Rukari. I ran as fast and swift as my paws could take me. Please…let me get there in time.
    When I got there, before I was twelve yards away I could smell it. Blood. Rukari’s blood. My heart beat faster still as I transformed into my human self as I ran. I stared in at him as he loomed over her. He turned at me and smirked. Leon smirked as he stared at her lifeless pale body, her blood staining his porcelain fangs. His white dress shirt was smattered with blood, and his black pants showed that they were wet. Then he let me through to see her. There was Rukari, her violet hair spread out, her body curled up on her left side, like when she slept. Her grey eyes were still and glazed to look at something past us all. I felt anger build up inside of me when I stared at the punctures on her neck. I turned to Leon. He smirked then left in a puff of smoke. I heard a slight moan behind me. I stared back and saw Rukari on her knees staring at me pleadingly. Hopingly. I looked down. And shook me head no. She couldn’t want to do that yet. She was only just made! She shouldn’t even be awake. But there she was with her wide eyes staring at me, still innocent, but burning red like the flames.
    Rukari POV
    I awoke with a lurch. A vampyre had attacked me…and Leon had…bit me. But as I tried to think, to wrap my mind around everything I smelled it. A sweet tangy scent that burned my throat. I shifted to my knees and moaned, as my insides twisted, trying to force me to drink that forbidden nectar. I looked up at him, my eyes pleading, begging him to let me taste it, to feed. He shook his head no, knowing I shouldn’t. I looked at him with my eyes. Tears tried to form, but because I had no blood to shed I couldn’t. My body hunched over in a dry sob, that shook me to my core. What was I doing? Ash hurried to my side and held me close. I felt myself quiver. Too much had happened to fast. We stayed that way for a long time, until he looked to the window. He helped me up and to my feeble feet and led me to a bedroom with no windows. He says I’ll be okay for today without a coffin. I fall asleep instantly, tired and thirsty.
    When I wake up there is utter blackness and pitch dark. But I hear voices downstairs…miraculously. Ash, Tide, Brent, and Rein. Their woodsy smell fills my nostrils along with the slight tint of dog. Their voices anxious and secretive.
    “We cant keep her.” Tide says controlling.
    Ash growl at him low and long.
    “Man I know this is your girl, but face it. She Fangtabulous!” Rein commented.
    “She’s NOT going anywhere. Rukari has stuck through our tough times, and we’ll stick through hers.”
    Brent looked over to him.
    “Even if she makes it, how many times will you see her squirm in agony trying to control her thirst?”
    Ash looked down.
    “Bro, this will be hard for you, but we cant keep her here man.” Tide said, his surfing accent coming in.
    Ash looked down. He and I both know they were right, but it was still hurtful to see them so willing to trade me in. I opened the door and stared down. They looked at me.
    “If you just give me clothes, some money, and arrange a meeting with the colony, I’ll get out of your hair soon enough.” I said then walked back into the room.
    I threw on a dress in the closet made of lush wine velvet. With a collar of black lace that had a amulet of amber hanging down I was ready to go back down. I gently stepped down the steps and into the living room and sat in front of the fire. My eyes were not red yet. They were still my shade of storming skies and feelings and reflected the fire in them as I spaced out and waited. Ash came up and sat next to me, cross-legged compared to my position of my legs away from my body.
    “Rukari…” He whispered to my oblivious ears.
    I continued to stare into space. He laid his head on my shoulder and we sat there for hours. When Tidus entered he had a bag and a silent saddened look upon his face. I shook my head yes.
    “They’ll come for you on the morrow. The clearing from yesterday.” I nodded and turned to Brent. I tugged on his ear and pulled him down to my height.
    “Take care of Ash. Make sure he don’t get too depressed.”
    He nodded and I turned to Rein.
    “Well…young padiwan, next time you describe me as Fangtabulous I’ll bust you out like Chuck Norris did to Indiana Jones in Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny!” I said as I ruffled his hair. He gave a small wince and a smile.
    Then I turned to Ash and time for a moment stood still.
    The others got the vibe and left the house. I looked into Ash’s violet eyes. They were a torrent of suffering.
    “Why Rukari?”
    I stood and looked down.
    “Because we are from different worlds now. Mine does not co-exist with yours. I want to stay with you, but we have different natures now, different destinies.”
    He looked at me.
    “I’ll never be able to hurt you.”
    It was a simple statement, stating the truth, but also his feelings for me and us. What should have been tears welled up in my burning eyes.
    “I could never hurt any of you. This is my family, warped and twisted as it might be, but my family no less.”
    I wanted him to hug me, and assure me it would be okay, that we would find a way out of it. But I knew we wouldn’t. He walked up slowly and held me in his arms.
    “It’ll never be like this again.”
    I blinked.
    “I’ll never love another like you Ash.”
    He nodded and stared at me. I laid my head on his shoulder and we stood there for a long time. When daylight nearly was there, the boys came back with a polished oak coffin they put together in the shed. They even put in a comfortable mattress. I smiled and put on the sheets, a black pillow and a maroon comforter. I slid inside and smiled at the boys before lying down and shutting my eyes. As they slid the top of the coffin on, I slid into a deep dreamless sleep.
    Ash POV
    Rukari was able to fall asleep easily in the coffin that the pack made her. I had too much on my mind though to sleep though. I know in my head why she is doing this, but my heart doesn’t listen as it is slowly shattering into a million pieces like a crystal rose. Rukari though now a vampyre still reminds me of the sun. Her cheerfulness, her willingness, her desire to make everyone happy lights up my days. But now, what would I do without the sun?
    Rukari POV
    I awoke to a thump on the coffin lid. I pushed up and hopped out. I looked at them as they held out a dress that was long and strapless with matching arm things and a cape. We walked to the clearing and there waited Leon, and a few of his vampyre guards. After all a vampyre pureblood couldn’t just walk around without protection, could he? I was holding onto Ash’s arm and slowly I let go. I walked slowly, then before I nearly was in arms reach of Leon I turned around and bowed to the pack, my eyes burning again.
    I felt a piece of myself shatter into a million pieces and turn into stardust. I stared back into their eyes, into Ash’s and felt him break like I did. I tried to force a smile…but it didn’t come. Then I felt Leon’s hand on my arm.
    “Come Love…” he said loud enough for Ash to hear.
    Ashe growled a low snarl and crouched into a position. I alarmingly held my hands up and looked to Leon. I shook my head no, signifying that he could not antagonize Ash. Leon nodded and grabbed my hand. We left that spot fast and swift, leaving a chunk of myself withering on the ground as well.