• "Alec! Get down here NOW! It's 11a.m.mister!"

    Jolted awake by his mum's shrill screaming Alec reluctantly climbed out of bed. He slowly pulled on his jeans and t-shirt and padded downstairs,to his mum,who was standing in the kitchen tapping her foot on the tiled floor, and looking disdainful. "You do realise that today your aunts are coming to visit" bugger Alec had completely forgotten about his aunts coming round. He still thought that they were the mothers of the devil, and resented any time he had to spend with them.There had to be a way of getting out of this.

    "But mum, today's the day you said I could go out with my friends!" Yep, that'll do
    "Oh no, don't you try that again." damn "You are going to stay here. We don't often get to see your aunts so you have to put up with them when we do"
    "Where's dad anyway?" Alec's dad was an explorer, apparently one of the best ones for miles around. Alec wasn't really into exploring but his dad really liked it.
    "I honestly wish I knew,honey,I honestly wish I knew"

    Just then the doorbell rang. Standing at the door was his dad.
    "Alec, Miranda, calm down! You're acting like you haven't seen me in a year!" He said with a big grin on his face
    "That's because we haven't, dad. So what did you bring home this time?" Alec's dad often brought back with him some strange jewels or crystals. These Alec did like. His dad unwrapped a little bundle he had in his hand.
    "This is called a time crystal,we found it in a mountain in the Himalayas. Apparently it's cursed so that whoever looks into it directly will be sent back in time, and into another dimension!"

    And Alec looked
    And looked
    And looked.

    Suddenly he was felt pulled towards the crystal, and before he was sucked in he heard his mum and dad scream his name, and then there was fire everywhere and he was falling towards a marsh. It was too hot and he was falling too fast. He knew he was probably going to die.