• I am stuck.

    I don't know what my next move is.

    Its as though someone pressed pause, and then lost the remote.

    I have no clue where I am going anymore or what my objective is. What where my goals? Did I even have any originally?

    Will my life ever play again, or is the almighty just going to be lazy and never manually press play so I can resume? I'm neither afraid, nor mad. I am just scared. Senselessly so.

    My heart beat beats me senselessly...Why does everything have to be so intense with me? I am just trying to get through all this unpredictability.

    Its also as though I am fine just for a bit, and that my smiles are genuine. But, then, the fates catch up with me, speeding up time and slowing me down, so that I have to fight again for whatever is at the end of the road.

    I just want to know if the heartache is worth it. If the pounding my heart receives is going to be rewarded later.

    Is there even a safe heaven that we all search for?