• Hi,I am Keeroic
    This story begins with a young lady who met a certain man,The Man was tall And handsome
    The Lady fell in love with the man and the man fel in love with the lady too
    The Name of the Man is:Zand The Name of the Lady is:Wendy
    They were deeply in love but Alas
    Zand's Father Jan Had already picked a bride for Zand
    Zand was quite troubled And Wendy didn't know that fact
    So Zand went to his room and asked for his brother
    Zand Asked advice from his brother , his brother Ran didn't Reply for he was speechless
    So zand told Wendy
    And Zand Said My father has decided on a bride for me before we fell in love
    Then Wendy said it doesnt matter what happens our love is true and we won't lose
    our faith
    Zand Said But My father made up his mind
    Wendy cried and ran away
    Zand felt sorry and wanted her back
    Zands Father heard of they're love so Zands father or Jan explained to Zand
    My son I have heard that u have fell in love with this girl and Zand said Yes
    Zands father said It is okay my son you can go marry her truthly
    Ive been waitign for you to get married that why I have been
    making Plans for your marriage so Zand Cried with Joy he said
    YES YES!!
    So Zand went to find Wendy but Alas when he found wendy
    It was too late Wendy already has killed herself
    Zand Screemed WENDY NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    -Zand cries- why did you have to die
    So in Zands Pain of the lost of his loved one he got his knife and Shouted
    He killed himself
    But Wendy did not die she was brought to the medics before she would die but unfortunely
    for Zand He has lost too much blood to survive So he was dead
    Wendy Didnt know about any of what happened but Zand wrote a note to her after the King told
    him its okay to marry another so when it reached Wendy,Wendy cried until her heart felt much pain
    Thats the end I hope you like it!