• Chapter 5

    Why Do I Care For Her?

    Kenan’s View

    I sat down on an empty table at lunch and took a clean bite out of my Sloppy Joe. I glanced over to Cascadia and watched her play with the twins. I have a sort of feeling inside me. It’s weird. But I enjoy watching her smile. Why do I?

    As they’re playing, they stop suddenly. I look the way they’re staring and I see Kaoru walking towards them. He started talking to Cascadia. I hissed. Why is he talking to her? I had a jealous/pissed feeling. I snap out of thinking and focused back on Cascadia.

    Cascadia had a bewildered face. I followed her gaze and saw Kaoru smiling. His fangs were showing. I snickered. She was probably thinking how short they were compared to mine.

    A breeze came in though the window and I watched Cascadia fall. I nodded towards the twins who instantly made everyone in the room sleep besides Kaoru, me and themselves.

    Hey, I’m not the only “mythical” creature here you know.

    I spread out my coal-black wings and flew over to Cascadia and caught her fall. By the way, if you didn’t know, you can change your wings’ color if you knew how to control them. “Cascadia! Cascadia wake up!” I said while I shook her. Kaoru tried to help, but I was pissed again so I pushed him away. “Did you do something to her?!”, I hissed threateningly. He chuckled. “Why would I try to help if I’m the one who almost killed her?” He glanced towards the broken glass plate Cascadia dropped and was about to land into if I didn’t catch her. I checked her temperature.

    Woah. Her temperature was quickly turning into a fever. “So… How is she?”, The twins asked worriedly. “She’s getting a fever. If her body’s this weak, she would’ve been better off home schooled.”, I said with a hint of worry barely exposing.

    “Anyways, I thought you had no interest in her. That’s why I was aiming to be her boyfriend.” he said. “Guess I’m wrong, Lover Boy.” he added a little lower while chuckling. “Urg, lets just get her to the nurse. After that, you can do what you want with her. I have no interest in this girl.”

    I got up, carrying Cascadia in my arms. “Let’s just carry her to the nurse.” I stated hollowly. After I was in front of the nurse’s office, I hid behind the door and blended my wings into the backrounds that were around me. I knocked on the door. The nurse came out and I stated smoothly, yet coldly, “This girl has a fever. Please take care of her carefully. She has a weak body.”

    I looked up from Cascadia to the nurse and she had a shocked expression upon her young, 20 year old face. “What? Can’t treat a fever?”, I said coolly. She shook her head slowly with the shocked expression and half open mouth still on her face. She pointed slowly in one direction as if she was scared and mouthed vampire.

    My eyes became wide and gave the nurse Cascadia then instantly turned around to where she was pointing. Kaoru was smiling, holding a rat with 2 little holes in it’s neck, and a little trickle of blood came out of the edge of his mouth.

    “You, you b*****d!”, I screeched as I realized what he had done. I threw myself at him, locking him into a chokehold. We both crashed through the 7th story window.

    “You realized what you have done right?! You just ruined vampire kind. Humans will kill us all! They won’t preserve you just because your half human. Have you SEEN what a war is?! A war is when 2 enemy countries slaughter each other until one of the teams are completely dead.” I spat in his face, almost about to bite him.

    You know, if a vampire bites another vampire, it’s teeth are penetrated into the bitten vampire’s neck and the vampire who’s biting’s blood enters the vampire victim. It’s like poison really.

    As we’re falling story by story, I hear Cascadia’s voice screaming. “Kenan! Kaoru! OH MY GOD. GRAB ONTO SOMETHING! I don’t want anyone to die.”

    I knew it was a risk, but I was just going to have to trust Charlette and Scarlette on this one.

    I instantly spread my wings on that thought. I tried to fly up, so I wouldn’t fall, but Kaoru was too heavy. And I was pissed at that time, so I dropped him. I expected him to fall, but he just gracefully landed on his feet like he just jumped. Not dropped from 5 stories high in the air.

    I smirked as he looked for his precious crystal amethyst necklace. I dangled it in the air. “Here kitty, kitty, kitty! Here kitty! Up here kitty!” “HEY! GIVE THAT BACK b*****d!!!!!” He jumped from tree to tree until he thought he’d finally found the right tree to reach me on. I swept past that tree and he jumped suddenly on another tree I didn’t see him on. He was just inches away from grabbing the necklace.

    “Haha. Too bad, Kitty Cat. I still have it.” I dangled the little necklace in between my index finger and my thumb. He clicked his tongue twice while he was thinking.

    Suddenly I heard Cascadia’s voice speak in wonder, “Fallen…..Angel?” as she stared at my black, feathered, wings. I drop the necklace, done with my fun and hover in the air with my wings still flapping. “No…You’re in a dream.” I glance towards the twins and they have a flustered look. They turn towards me and shrug their arms, frustrated. I see them try again to show me what’s happening. They try and I look to Cascadia. Nothing happens. She doesn’t feel anything.

    Hmm. I haven’t done this ritual in a long time, but it’s worth a try. “Everyone, hold your breath.”, I said calmly. I pluck a feather off of my wings. I winced. “Ow….” I spoke under my breath. I bit the black feather and it turned white.

    Like I said, once bitten, the vampire’s blood flows into your body. Unless, you’re a meal.

    I flew to Cascadia in a flash. She was so shocked at my speed, she didn’t even know I was in front of her. Her eyes look around for me, so I hold her hand, left the feather in her hand too. She looked at it in wonder, and said, “What’s this?” She turned towards me.

    I smirked, “Just smell it, it’s the smell of the ‘Fallen Angel’. On that last word, I flew back to my original position, right on top of Kaoru.

    She smelt it, and said, “It smells like…..a lavender rose.”

    My wings instantly stop flapping, as I stand suspended in the air. I plummet down 3 stories before my thoughts became aligned again.

    I understand my feelings now.

    I love her.

    A lot.

    But now…..