• Moon Lit woke to the sun shineing against her face. Her silver hair seemed dazzeled by the suns apperence. She opened her eyes to revel a dark green that soon truned lime green with the sun.
    The brids seemed to chrip in unison as they happilly came through Moon's open window. They sat on the ledge and they sang a song that she has reconized as her own personal wake-up song.
    Moon gladly rose slightly from her pillow and examined the birds. They were beautiful there small bodys held a glisening blue color. They chirped excitedly at her once the song was finished.
    Moon couldn't help it a wonderful smile crossed her face. Showing her perfectly white teeth. She heard a clatter downstairs followed by she faint sounds of yells and screams.
    Moon rushed to her feet aware of something happening downstairs. She ran downstairs in a blur. When Moon made in to the bottom of the stairs she looked around nervously she heard a door slam shut but which door?
    She reconized the chimes that followed. "The front door!" she had mummering to herself. She ran to the right of the staircase leading into the living room. She stifled a gasp as she entered the room. It was destroyed there were books and glass shattered everywhere.
    Moon heard a car sweve from their driveway. She rushed out the front door. Just in time to, a van took a conner and dissapeared into the morning. She had a sense of loss like that car held something very important.
    There on the table held a note. It was written in a fast messy handwriteing. She seemed to reconize it from somewhere. Moon held the note examing it. She instantly fell to her knees as a tear rolled down her cheek.
    The note said it loud and clear she glanced once more at it. She mummered the note outloud thinking she misread it in her mind. "You have yet to relize yourself, so we must leave you time to find your real parents. Good-bye forever your loving use-to-be father and mother." the words seemed to hold nothing but pain for her.
    Moon looked around at the once beautiful mansion, now it seemed to hold sercrets and very dark ones at that. She woke from shock when her bus beeped outside.
    Moon grabbed her backpact and ran towards the door. She stopped half-way inbetween the door and looked back at the destroyed living room. "I will no longer look back, only forward." her words held the feeling of betral but she took the final step out the door. She got on the bus and not once looked back to see if everything looked like it did.