• Jayne’s Pov
    I could faintly hear people; I felt hands touch me trying to wake me I presumed. I let my eyes flutter a bit seeing blurry people. I heard a gasp as I lifted my head and fell back. My eyes held nothing but the pit of blackness. I felt as if the song “Weightless” by “All Time Low” described me so much. I moved my hands at the blackness trying to find my way out of it. When a white flash came looming at me. I saw Jess clutching a rail she stumbled. When three figures came and floated towards her, she tried to escape but stumbled they reached her. I screamed and shot up, her limp, broken body laid there. When it slowly put itself back together, she snapped her neck into place and lifted a hand to wave at me, with a smirk, “Oh Jayne, now we can be even.” Then my floor whirled up to my face. I shot up and stumbled a bit, “Jes-Jes…she.”
    “Shhh.” I felt someone’s hand around my waist, “Calm down Jayne. Shh, take a breath.”
    I laid my head against Dane’s chest and steadied myself, “I have to go… she will… she is inhuman.”
    Dane let me go and stared at me quizzically, “What are you rambling about?”
    “Jess. She is going to become something, she is going to be stronger than human-”
    My head snapped back and her face appeared, “Ah, this is quite fun…Since you left me beaten Jayne dear, I am going to have to well kill you. I should say thank you…come to oh how about Griffens River, its time I show you what you made me.” With a dark chuckle her face left.
    I let my body slump to the ground, “I have to get to Griffens River…now!” I said with authority.
    “Alright, whats going on?”
    “I’m not sure, get everyone ready…there is something coming.”
    I got up as he left, I slipped on black jeans and blue flowing tank top. I through on my leather jacket that cut off around my ribs. I slipped on my combat boots that I had worn the day the Cross Breed King had come. I threw on my black glasses and grabbed my keys. I met everyone outside, “One of you stay with Torrin, the rest come with me but stay hidden…well.”
    They muttered as I got in my car, I took off without knowing if anyone was following me. In ten minutes I was a five minute walking distance from Griffens River. I parked my car hastily and threw off my glasses, I slipped a knife in each of my shoes that I had hidden in the glove department and put a gun in the back up my pants. I had watched to many movies where fight scenes happened. I stepped out to see no one, but that didn’t mean they were there. I walked the short distance and in a matter of minutes I was there, I looked at the crystal clear water to see outlines of fishes roaming the open water. A small bridge was over the water to lead to the other part of the land. I looked around and heard a twig snap. Automatically I pulled out the gun. To be faced with three shadowing figures, “She is so young…ah but her blood…it is so luxurious!”
    They hissed remarks to each other, but when that one spoke that. I fired the gun, it fell to the ground crying in pain; I shot it twice more and it was gone, “Anyone else.”
    “Ah, wise kill us when we are not-”
    I fired again, but kept shooting until it was gone, “Shall I let you speak or kill you now?”
    “Hm, you are wise…but those were foolish.” Out stepped Jess, but I was wrong it was Jess’s body but something held it prisoner, “Ah…I’m Jakqline.”
    “What did you do to Jess?”
    “Oh that…human? She is gone…well no we are molded together.” I shot Jakqline and her shoulder jerked back. She turned her head it, “I will make you a deal.”
    I shot again, “I make no deals with evil things.”
    I went to pull the smooth sliver trigger again but the gun was jerked out of my hand, “Listen, spare me because I am just here to lend a message. From Prince Edwin, he wants to meet you and know you are worthy of his presences.”
    I scoffed, “I have no need to meet this arrogant Prince. Now, un-mold or what ever from Jess.”
    “No can do little miss, I fine having this body…suiting.” She laughed with a bit of scream.
    She came straight in front of me, and I threw the first punch, “Sue me.”
    She chuckled darkly as she punched me, we danced for a bit and when I was held up against a tree choking I let my fingers slid into my boots to grip the handles of the knives. I pulled both out and slashed her arms. She immediately let go with a wince, “Smart.” She swiveled her arms around and two swords appeared, “Let the battle begin.”
    We lounged and I ran up the tree next to her, she must have been shocked because she stood there as I pounced on her, I latched on her as she sliced my skin deeply on my arm. I slit her throat and jumped away as she slowly turned gray and vanished. I stood still and felt pressure on my arm and clapping. I looked to my side to see Dane working on my arm and the clapping from a red haired guy. He was dressed in purple and red with trims of gold, quite ugly. He approached me, “Jayne, so nice to meet you.”
    He touched my hand to kiss it but I pulled away, “I presume you are Edwin.”
    He chuckled deeply, “Yes.”
    “Do I need to fight you or something?”
    He laughed, “Oh no, no not at all. I wanted to make a deal with…you.” He clapped his two index fingers together and pointed at me.
    I scoffed, “I don’t make deals with disgusting things.” I raised my lip with disgust when my arm was harshly jerked from Dane. There was nothing there, “What the heck!”
    He laughed and Dane growled, “I am so much more powerful than you can comprehend.”
    He moved me with his finger, “My deal is, you let me marry you and I let you and your pathetic friends live. You are quite strong and I need a wife that can protect herself.”
    I growled, “No, and why me?”
    “Ah, you are special…and I need to have a wife in three days to take the thrown.”
    He let me go and I seized him, “But you’re like what thirteen?”
    “Yes, and quite proud of it, now you have ‘til tonight.”
    I scoffed, “Nah-”
    “Remember the consequences.”
    I looked at Dane and turned back, and with a quick glare I left. I walked quickly towards my car, I knew Dane was following me but I could care less; I had gotten in my car and turned it on and buckled in when Dane was knocking on my window, “What?”
    I spoke through the glass knowing he could hear me, “What are you going to do?”
    “I don’t know yet. I need to get home and figure it out.”
    He growled, “Jayne, he is going to follow you… you know he is probably already watching Torrin, plotting on what to do if you say no. You have to know now.”
    “No I don’t, now just get back to the apartment.”
    He sighed and muttered something while stalking away. I sped off towards the apartment just worrying about if he was seriously watching Torrin. I stepped on the gas pedal to make sure nothing is wrong with her. As soon as I was in my parking spot I saw the shadow of Edwin looking up into the window of my room were Torrin was walking around, carefully touching my belongings. I slammed my car door and stalked over towards Edwin, he carefully tore his eyes away from Torrin as I approached, “Why are you staring?”
    “I’m in love.” He stared longingly at Torrin, “Look at how she moves and her beautiful hair!”
    I stared at him in disbelief, “W-w-w…huh?”
    He turned around, “Please, Jayne, please let me have her as my bride! I promise to treat her so well, and she will live and will be beyond happy…oh please.” His eyes were filled with so much serenity and I couldn’t help but feel a ping of guilt, and I had no clue why.
    I sighed deeply. “Alright, you can meet her.”
    He followed behind me as I opened my door, “Stay.” Was all I said before I called for Torrin, “Torrin please come here?”
    “Coming!” Something was placed down and her feet patted against the floor. She lunged at me as soon as she was in view, “OH MY GOSH! ARE YOU OKAY?!?! I MEAN I WAS SUPER DUPER WORRIED!”
    I patted her back, “Yeah, I am fine…um I want you to meet someone.”
    “Huh?” She let her arms drop and peer behind me before signaling me to bend down, “He is cute…who is he?”
    My voice was caught in my throat because I knew he heard her, “Edwin, he is… a prince.”
    “Marry me!?”
    “WHAT?!” I shot straight up and glared at him, “NO! She doesn’t know you!”
    “Shhh, Jayne please let me give her my offer.” He moved his eyes to command me and I complied because of his power, “Torrin, my name is Prince Edwin. I would love to marry you, I would take you to live in my castle and let you have whatever you want…including curing your sickness.”
    There was a block on my throat and I could not speak as Torrin stared dreamily at his idea, “Yes…that sounds wonderful.” She rocked back and forth, “Let me get my suitcase.” She ran to my room and quickly emerged with the suitcase. She looked at me, “Bye, and um thank you…but this is going to be perfect because I get to live.”
    Edwin smirked and left with my sister. I fell to the ground as the tears spilled and I gasped in order to regain my normal breathing. I hiccupped and stood up, I wiped the tears and ran out the door to catch Edwin about to leave, “Do not change her.” I knew very well that he heard me but he did not respond…he just left. I sighed as I saw Carter walking around with Mel, he looked at me and smiled as Aliss appeared. I watched as they laughed and joked around when three old time men shackled them together, they thrashed as Aliss stood still smirking as one man caught her eye, she smirked and did the eye magic thing. He looked as the other two men took Mel and Carter and let Aliss go. I made a step to advance forward but Aliss was infront of me, “These are immortals, they come to keep the population of creatures down, but me…I am always free.” I went to open my mouth but she smacked her hand on my mouth, “Now watch as they thrash and try to get free… the men will kill them, so lets watch.” I shook my head violently and tugged hard but Mel and Carter grabbed hands with each other as the men stabbed the stake into their hearts. Aliss shook with laughter, “See, how wonderful that was!” I wanted to cry but I couldn’t. “Aw don’t cry little one, now you know Aiden and me? Well, you see I used him…he use to be a guard like the ones you saw, but in his time they used humans…as you can probably guess we had a trade well I seduced him for about three months and I had to wait until these guards came again to be able to be free. Now, Dane I turned also, time for me to go, sweetie. Bye” and she was gone…