• The demon screeched, darkness flew, and every ounce of hope was lost. Life was a mere stain on canvice of life. Nothing was left alive. Love was gone, and hopelessness had swallowed infinity in to nothing. It was finished.
    Light pierced the darkness and it broke like glass. Shattering, and crumbling into null. A single being was in the light. The princess, the heir of hope and light. Tearing away the staleness of the void. She is the bliss of tomorrow.
    The demon, grew from the pain of now and before. Bearing his teeth to the princess, he snarled and grumbled at the aww of he might. She laughed, and snickered at his attempts to hold himself higher than she. She reached up and grabbed his skin, and ripped it off, leaving nothing more than a small boy in rags.
    The fierce demon, resorted to nothing more than a toddler. She smiled and lifted him up into the light. He grew, and soon became a man. Strong and couragious, full of life. He grabbed the princess by the hand and the walked forth, breaking the darkness that was once his home. He turned to her smiled and said, "Love."