• Alexandra was overcome with joy the day she made the honnor roll. As she was walking home as she thought about how proud her parents would be of her. She wanted to be a doctor one day and most likley she would. But what she thought would be one of her shinning moments, turned out to be her worst nightmare. As she turned the conner she could see smoke. Then she herd it. The terrible scream she'll never forget. Her mother weeping and bleeding came running out of her house that was on fire. She was yelling "Please! PLEASE! Let me go! I'll do anything!" Alex was frozen with shock. But what she saw next hunted her for the rest of her life. Her mother was on her knees begging when the murdder raised and axe above his head. Another man was behind her mother, holding her down. Then came three sounds. Chop. Scream. Laughing. Neighobors had gathered around by then and the two men ran away. Police had shown up. Alex was still just standing there holding her report card. She came up to a police man with tears in her eyes. "Is my father dead too?" was all she asked. The man looked down at her and asked "These are your parents?" he asked. Alex simply nodded and kept her head down. Some other police men Brought her into a squad car and drove off with her.

    She had finally ended up at an orphanage. After about a few houres of the police looking through her papers and strighing things out. She did not stay in the ophanage very long though. A very rich man took pity on her and helped her. He took care of her and, in return she worked as a maid for him. She never smiled anymore. She quielty does her work, eats her meals, and goes to bed. She keeps to herself. She felt alone and scared. But soon that faded and just felt anger. She hated herself for just standing there. She just sat back and watched one of her most loved family members die. Then again they were her only family members. she was alone. Her life was taken from her a ruiened. She now not only wants to know who or why, but she wants revenge.

    *** ya i know im not the best of all writers but i really like this. if you find any spelling or grammer errors shut up because i know i spell about as good as a 3 year old. plz tell me what you think and give me any pointers. i'm new to writing and i thought i had something hear......emphesses on THOUGHT!***