• (Narrator)
    In the Digital Twilight Town a red-headed figure laid unconscious in the woods near the old mansion. His leg had a large cut down it, like he had been scratched. He was alone other then the girl in the mansion and the black hooded figure watching from in the trees.

    Axel's P.O.V.
    I sat up in some sort of woodland. I looked down at my leg 'what the hell?' I looked around, no one seemed to be here but me, then again it was kinda dark other then where the light was filtered through the trees. Wait, what was that? it looks like a person in all black. I got up to go investigate but had to catch myself on a tree to keep from falling. I looked towards where the figure was but he was gone. I looked around for him and jumped when he was behind me then turned to face him "who are you?" he didn't reply as he began to take his glove off. I watched him confusedly and felt a chill go down my spine as he put his fingers on my neck.

    I regained consciousness in some sort of infirmary. I sat up and looked around, taking note of the bandages on my leg. There was a clatter of objects from what I'm guessing was a supply room and someone said: "oh great" I looked at the doorway "hello?" a person appeared "hello, I see you're up"
    "yeah" he wasn't the one I saw in the woods, he was shorter then the other guy and the other guys jacket was longer. "You feeling ok?"
    "yeah, fine" he nodded and turned back to the room to pick up what he had dropped... Or what fell.