• Knight came home late after receiving the list of people he had to kill.
    I had been washing the dishes trying to get them as clean as possible so it would impress Knight in some way or something.
    He slipped his arms around my waist after setting his breif case on the kitchen table and blew air into my ears.
    My ears twitched and I spun around, glaring at him. "I hate it, when you do that."
    He chuckled and kissed me softly.
    I put my arms around his neck and smiled.
    He pulled away. "It gets your attention doesnt it?" He says growing a smug grin on his face. "And I think it's so cute to see that adorable little glare you give me."
    I poked his stomach hard.
    He jumped and leaned forward as I slipped away in retreat.
    "That's what you get." I call over my shoulder.
    He groans in pain as he falls on the floor, pretending to die.
    I stopped and turned around, my ears perking up and my tail sticking up in the air. "Knight?"
    He didnt reply, but I did see his eyes twitch.
    I smirked and walked up to him as quietly as I could and poked his 'dead' body with my foot. "Hey... Hey... Hey..."
    He didnt respond.
    I chuckled and shrugged. "Oh well. I can live without him." I tease, waiting for his actions against my words.
    He jumped up, within a second and hugged my back tightly against him.
    I smiled. "Damn... He got up..."
    He chuckled and started swaying our bodies. "You would miss me if I died. Admit it."
    "Nope." I say crossing my arms over my chest and persing my lips.
    He stepped in front of me tried to pull my lips apart. "Open up."
    I shook my head.
    He grinned and kissed me, holding my body tighter against his.
    I smiled and hugged him back.
    His tongue grazed over my lips and the feeling of his cold skin against my own made me shiver.
    This is how always ended up being like after he got back from the 'Orginization' and was all pumped up seeing all those names on that single sheet of paper. It had been like this for the past two years we had been together. {I have skipped ahead a few years... Sorry. But they act the same towards each other, so there wont be any change when it comes to bickering and whining between these two. I promise}
    He chuckled and pushed me back against the table.
    I jumped up and sat down on it, holding him tighter against me.
    He slowly pulled away and grinned. "You know what?"
    I tilted my head and smiled. "What?"
    He got a serious look on his face and shuved the breif case against my chest. "You need to get to work."
    I glared at him and pushed the case back. "You do it! I'm not doing all this for you again, just so you can complain about how I should have done it."
    Knight had been taking me along on his killing spree's and when he was just about to take them down he would turn to me and grin, always saying the same thing. "Go ahead." He would say. I would end up writing the person's name in the book or slashing the person to bits and telling his or her's soul that they're dead and blah blah blah...
    He sighed. "You're really going to make me do all that work when you can just simply write the names down?"
    "I need to see them first." I hiss.
    He opened the case and revealed pictures of the people and their names typed into the white edges of the paper.
    I sighed and took the breif case. "Fine. Just dont bug me for a while."
    "How long is a while?"
    "Two days." I grumble walking out of the kitchen and heading for the living room to do what he wanted me to.
    Geez... What an annoying guy he can be at times. I think sitting down in an chair.
    Knight followed me in and sat on the arm of my seat.
    I opened the case and took out my note book. "Lets see now..."
    He put his hand on my head and kissed my hair.
    I pushed his face away and growled.
    He persisted and kissed my hair again, pinning my hand behind my back.
    I winced and whimpered. "Owy..."
    He tilted my face up and kissed my lips softly.
    I glared into his closed eyes.
    He licked over my lips and begged for entrance, letting my restrained arm free.
    Maybe I should be nice and let him have his way... Or maybe I should torment him longer...
    I kept my lips closed and pressed my ears against my head in annoyance.
    He pulled away and grinned. "Are we having a p**** fit?"
    I growled at him and pushed his face away with my hand. "F*** off."
    He chuckled and licked my finger nearest his mouth.
    I blushed and pulled my hand away. "You want me to do this work for you right?"
    "That can wait." He said pushing me back against the chair and kissing me softly.
    I jumped and felt his hand wrub against a private place.
    He grinned at my reaction. "But I dont think this can wait."

    It was daylight and Knight was in the basement sleeping safely.
    I was upstairs writing the names down. Choosing random deaths for the people Knight had been ordered to kill.
    Let's see... I'll have this one die of prestate cancer... I think writing the details down and sighing.
    This is the highlight of my time here... Doing the dirty work of someone I'm supposed to love...
    I rolled my eyes at the thought and wrote down another name and details. "Yeah right... Like I would ever love someone like that..." I smirk.
    But... Then why did I want to stay with him if I didnt love him?
    I shake my head and try to drive the thoughts away.
    Yeah right...