• Night was creeping up closer on the city. You couldn't glance up at the stars without tearing it away in two seconds. They were to bright to full of hope in contrast to the hopeless dark lives below. What were once reminders of dreams were just reminders of nightmares. The streets were full of puddles with litter floating on top. Litter that had been there for roughly... five years. Parts of the city were full of muggers, murders the like. Every alley crowed with them. Standing at the edge of the destroyed city was a lone teen figure. Her hair was strung back. She stared at the sky sensing the ever coming rain. Suddenly the atmosphere changed. Someone approached.
    "Leave me alone will yea?" she said with an edgy tone. The stranger approached. "BACK OFF!" she spun round to face him. She gasped. The figure wearing a full army uniform just smirked at her. The figure from a month ago. "OK little cub you wanna play?!" He stepped forward hungry and cold.
    She backed off retreating"Why won't you leave me alone huh?"
    He started running at her. She went into a dash.The chase was on. She swung round a corner and jumped over a sleeping drunk. He followed. Through alleys destroyed streets messy clogged up roads she took him. She nearly fell as she sharply turned the next corner. Near the end she spotted a barrier of fallen bins. At full speed she leaped over. The stalker jumped more swiftly. "Damn!" She felt her trainers pushing into her heel the green t-shirt sticking to her because of the sweat. "OK little cub- play times over." She skidded to a halt. She was caught in a dead end. Trapped. The hunter had just been playing with the prey. At the end of the day when you can only growl but not bear fangs your just a cub. The very words made her shiver. Last time she had been let go. Not this time. "You have also existed like a flea."Suddenly he limped forward. Limped? She looked on curiously. He kept limping forward. And forward. And then he coughed up blood.He pulled up his left trouser leg. One swift movement. Blood throbbed from the wound. He pointed at it. Madness revealed in his eyes. "I was bit by you- your race- is mad it's- it's EVIL!" He suddenly coughed up more blood. "Every twenty minutes it heals then every fifteen minutes it starts again!" He wailed at the sky. He slashed at it in a wild uneven frenzy. "Life has no rhythm no pattern." He slashed again. "But life and death..." He stopped the wound itself spat out boiling red. "You bit me elven years ago..." He pointed up a gun. It was a sleek cruel black -a one way ticket to the afterlife. "Now pay vermin- MONSTER!!!" She stuttered and felt her back against the damp wall. She whimpered crying inside for it not to be over. Over already. Bear your fangs or growl? Bear your fangs or growl? Bear your fangs or... "I bear my fangs!" she howled! Suddenly she felt something tug inside. It was so powerful and blazing wildly. It was an unbearably happiness crushing her heart with immense pressure. She slammed her eyes shut... And when she opened them there was a shining blue eyed wolf. It crouched low, in a hunting position growled. Then it bared it fangs!