• I turned around and saw a girl I hadn’t seen before when we were walking.
    “Hi, I’m Masa.” She said smiling at me; she had long brown hair and black eyes.
    “I-I-I’m,” I stuttered I didn’t know what to call myself. “I’m a friend of Angeni’s.” I said finally, I almost walked away but she had me stuck between being rude and staying to chat.
    “Well Angeni’s a good boy.” She said like she was old and thought of him as a grandchild.
    “What?” I asked wondering why she had said it like that.
    “I meant he is a nice boy.” She said sheepishly looking down at me. Everyone in the tribe was taller than me if they were younger. I decided I was going to be rude and walked off from the dish station and sat down next to Angeni on the ground quietly. Dajab jutted his chin towards me in acknowledgment and I mimicked him. I probably looked silly doing so. Dajab laughed at me and continued listening to Angeni. Angeni finished up and turned to his full plate.
    “I’m not that hungry.” He said pushing his paper plate to the middle of the table. I looked up at the roof of the barn house and saw the figure again, I ignored it once more. The chief spoke at the door to the barn he had said that it was time for sleep or so Angeni told me.
    Angeni took my hand helping me up and let go. He then put his hand on my back and pushed me softly towards the tents.
    “Ma!” Angeni said putting his hand up to get his mother’s attention. His mother turned around and waited for her son to say something. “Where is Jasa sleeping?” His mother pointed to the tent next to where Dajab was going into. “Go on Jasa with the rest of the girls you go.” He said jokingly and pressed me lightly towards the tent. I turned around and gave him a hug, he patted my back.
    “You’ll be fine I’m right next to the tent.” He whispered to me, he pushed me away and turned me around and pushed me, so I stumbled, towards the tent.
    “Go goodness dear.” He said ducking into his tent where Dajab had gone. I ducked into the tent I was to occupy and saw five girls in it. I wanted to lay down I just did not know where to lay there was a huge blanket on the ground and separate blankets that we were to lay on.
    “You can sleep in the corner, Jasa.” Kaya said with a small smile. I had forgotten Kaya, she was a friend too.
    “Thanks Kaya.” I said crawling over to the blanket slowly. I lie down and hoped that I didn’t have another nightmare. I closed my eyes and blocked out the giggling from the girls, and the laughs from the boys. I was soon fast asleep.
    In the morning I woke up to see Angeni sitting next to me. I sat up and saw no one else in the tent; the girls must have woken up and left without me.
    “Took you a while to wake up.” He said laughing. “Lucky you today’s the day we get to explore for a bit, chief said so while you slept.” He stood in a bent position and backed out of the tent, and a few seconds later his hand appeared at the green tent flap. I took it and was dragged out of the tent. He bought me over to Dajab and Kaya.
    “Nice of you to wake up, we have been waiting forever, but Angeni insisted we wait.” Kaya said shrugging along with it.
    “Hello to you too.” Dajab said laughing, and I yawned stretching as I did. I let go of Angeni’s hand and rubbed my eyes.
    “Where are we going?” I asked no one in particular. I looked around over the empty farmland.
    “Where ever the wind goes today.” Angeni said in a mystic tone. Kaya laughed,
    “Excuse his stupidity, it’s his numb hour. Anyway Angeni I’m not going with the wind today I’ve got some things planned which is why I wasn’t waiting for Jasa.” She said explaining why she had tried to leave she shrugged and then began walking away.
    “I’ll see you all later.” Kaya said looking over her shoulder she waved.
    “See ya’.” We all said together. Dajab turned again so he was facing us and the wind blew and my hair disappeared partially behind Angeni. Dajab looked me over like he hadn’t seen me in years. I cocked my head to the side and frowned.
    “What?” I said self-consciously looking at my feet. He chuckled at me, and I looked up to see Angeni stepping over to the fire to poke it obviously for entertainment.
    “Nothing JaJay just you are so odd, in a good way.” He laughed and then said, “You should get a hair cut, you want know why?” he asked me smiling.
    “Why?” I asked wondering why he would bring up my hair at such a random moment.
    “So you can’t hide behind it. Angeni likes seeing your face.” He whispered he turned his head to the side so Angeni couldn’t hear.
    I blushed.
    “I’ve no clue what you’re talking about.” I said to him. He chuckled.
    “Yeah you do.”