• (creepy narrator)
    The reddish brown haired boy walked out of his house to go for a walk. He stopped and turned around at the end of the walkway leading to the porch...

    Remy P.O.V
    "Don't stay out too much after dark!"
    "got it, you tell me every time" I began to walk towards the woods that liked to walk through. Later as I was starting home I heard something behind me, I turned around and saw nothing "who's there?" nothing. No answer. I turned back around and resumed walking with my hands shoved in my pockets. Upon hearing something again I turn back around. Yellow eyes in the darkness, staring back at me. I stood paralyzed for a moment before realizing they were coming towards me, and more were coming. I turned and ran, but they were surprisingly fast, I felt claws tear into my leg and almost fell. I held onto a tree as I tried to kick the creature off "go away!" my jeans were now ripped but I didn't care and began running again, but they soon tripped me. I covered my head as they swarmed, feeling their claws rake against me as pictures from my life flashed before me. But mainly Aria, dear, sweet Aria. Her blue eyes and dirty blondish hair that was more on the brown side...

    The Heartless soon left Remy there along the side of the path, dead a good twenty yards from the edge of the woods where he would've been safe. Only to be found later by the police.