• Akira: The Darkness Pt 18
    -As we left off, at the speechless kiss-
    ~Nijix’s View~
    Akira and I had a brief moment of love and confusion. I didn’t know what I just did, but we were still staring at each other. I backed away and Akira ran into the bathroom as soon as she was clear of my arms. I was confused too.
    “I..I don’t know what came up over me. I swear, I have no interest in her, none! What am I saying?! I’m lying to myself. God damn!” I was so frustrated when I screamed those words. I guess Akira heard me and thought the same. I walked towards the locked bathroom door, and knocked.

    “Akira…I’m….so sorry for what just happened.”
    No answer.
    I guess she didn’t want to talk about it, so I just sat on the bed and drifted off to sleep thinking about my worst and confusing day so far.

    ~Akira’s View~
    I sat on the tub’s rim. Nijix was yelling at himself, but at least it showed he cared a little. But I don’t know what came over us. We would never expect this to happen. I never thought it would happen in a million years, I felt like I fell through a hole of darkness and started to be covered with light when we kissed. Nijix..he had such a warmth that it melted some of my frozen heart.

    “Akira…I’m so sorry for what just happened.” Nijix told me through the door, I stood silent. I heard the shuffling of feet and the bed creaking a few seconds later. He went to bed, I guess. I started to run the shower water, it was hot but not enough to burn me. I stripped down and slipped into the shower. Thinking in the shower helps me think, I don’t know why but it does. The water ran down, and I noticed red went down the drain to, I looked at my hand. Oh yeah, I cleaned off his sword but not my hands. Nijix started to knock at the door again. But this time he picked the lock, he stood right by the nearly see through net that separated us from seeing each other. I stood still and silent.

    “…..I have no idea what to say.” Nijix told me, he leaned on the sink for support. That was the very time he never had anything to say.
    “Me too. Isn’t this plain awkward? We don’t even like each other and we…kissed. Just Imagine if we, HATED each other. It would go farther than kissing.” I responded, and started to scrub myself with the soap. Nijix took a moment to think about that, I saw him silently laughing to himself.

    “ I would love- ahem I would hate that.” He coughed. I twitched, I didn’t really hear what he said but oh well. I poked my head out of the shower, the water crashing at my feet. Nijix stood there, he was looking at the shower but now he looked at me.

    “…Akira, you have some pretty green eyes. I’m guessing they are from your father. Since they are so deep they must have been passed down.” Nijix just wanted to break off the awkwardness, he slyly walked out of the bathroom. I shut the water off, and wrapped a blue towel around my body. I slowly followed him, but he was already on the bed asleep or so it seemed. I went to the drawer, and picked out some sleepers. Some purple short shorts and a blue tank top. I slowly and carefully slipped into the bed next to Nijix, he turned around his eyes staring straight at me. I twitched but laid down anyway.

    “….What if I hugged you for the rest of the night what would you do?” Nijix asked me yet again another weird question. My mind wanted to run but my heart cuddled next to Nijix. Maybe my heart really did want to be whole again. And my mind just didn’t want to believe. Nijix wrapped his arm around my waist, I was facing him and liad my head on his chest. We fell asleep just like this.
    -Both Nijix And Akira’s Minds-
    “…I love…him”
    “I love…her.”
    “Maybe there is a second chance for the both of us.”