• the feeling of another warmth and then a touch on the face,
    means a lot to a simple person....
    "all i can remember is that... but who did that to me?..." the girl thought.
    she wakes up and sees the black and white colored eyes just staring at her closely.
    "The heck?!?!?" she shouted in surprise.
    -.- "aww thats all i get for making a fire so ur butt won't freeze..."
    they're still in the middle of the white snowing field but is warmed by a big but silent fire.
    "why am I here and who r u?!?!" she shouts again...
    "god man no thank u? or hi let me introduce myself? I guess u do have a point, sad to say..."
    "and and...." she remembers the touch of him....
    *covers her mouth and turns red*
    "wat did u do to me!?"
    "wow ur a bigger pervert then i am... Heh heh, but it was the only way to shut u up.
    other then that is to kill u but ur too cute for that."
    .___. .... *she is silent*
    "anyways i can answer ur annoying questions. My name is Nezumi iro (mix of black and white which is gray so it means gray). and u r here because i need a toy :9."
    " u nezumi ino r a son of a.." but got interrupted...
    "ok ok, dang can't get a joke.. i summon or "it" summoned u because there's a saying here
    that everything strong with great power needs a beautiful key to unlock their shackles, and must be connected with u deep and within ur core or so called heart.
    and "it" is this rare book that i got fair and square. *shows book* and all i asked the book was to get me my beautiful key that will make me a strong whole...
    but now i get to ask of something.."
    "wat is it then?" she pouted.
    "wat is ur name?"
    "ichiru, yuki ichiru..."
    *he takes her hand and kisses it"
    "ichiru u r the key to my heart.... please be gentle with it."

    To Be Continued....