• "Om nom nom nom nom nom!" The sound of riceballs being demolished to oblivion within Mira's mouth echoed through the tree house. The gruesome sound rang through Id's and Greg's ears while they grazed outside the tree house in the tall grass and tall banana tree.
    "You have to stop making so many riceballs, Greg. You'll make Mira sick." Id says while chewing his grass and yams.

    "You worry too much, Id. Just chillax dude, she's not gonna get sick. They're just riceballs, it's cool." Greg chewed slowly making sure he savored the flavor.

    They continued to chow down peacefully while the sky glowed a bright neon-highlighter green. The neon-highlighter purple clouds floated across the sky like marshmallows on hot coacoa. The cool breeze blew the trees back and forth peacefully like a baby rocking back and forth in a carriage violently.
    After a few more minutes of enjoyable grass, yams, and bananas, Mira finished her riceball meal and jumped out of the window, onto the ground, with a heavy thud. Hearing the thud, Id and Greg turned around slowly to where Mira plooped down but wasn't there. When they turned around, Mira's big bug eyes were staring Id and Greg down like a Pomeranian does a bottle of vodka.

    "Hello there Mira." Id and Greg say bitterly as they slowly back away.

    "Hi there! Greg, can you take me to the shop today? I need to get my coconut today." Mira says to Greg as she climbs up his legs and swings herself onto his back.

    "Sure. Anywhere else you want me to take you?"

    "Can you take me to the Tall Banana Tree? I wanna go see Gertrude today. You should come to; we'll have lots of fun."

    Sure, I'll come. I don't have anything to do today so, sure. Wath the tree house Id. And don't throw any parties." After a pause, Greg continued. "And don't light the fireplace either."

    Greg rolled away on his rollerblades with Mira on his back screaming, "BLOOP BLOOP BLOOP BLOOP!" the whole ride to the shop.

    The ride was long...very long. Greg thought to himself why he allows himself to put up with Mira when she's one of the most...the only annoying human in Candafrica. he thought of this in the back of his mind while passing the other xebra print giraffes on the rollerblades thinking to himself if it was because his zebra print is made up of all the colors in the light spectrum and flashed those colors when it was dark in his surroundings. He didn't know, and he didn't really care much for the reason. Greg just thought of things but never looked for the solution or the source of his thoughts because he's a very chill zebra print giraffe. As the ideas faded from his thoughts, they approaced the shop. Mira ran up Greg's neck and jumped off this head and shot across the field straight into the wall of the shop. She plopped onto the ground outside the shop with a heavy thud just as Greg pulled up to the place.

    "Are you okay, Mira?" Greg asked in a mono tone lacking emotion and any sign of concern.

    "YUSH I AM." Mira proclaimed with great enthusiasm as she stands back back up not bothering to brush off the dust and dirt that stuck to her clothing and her hair. Mira walked into the small shop and cam right out after a few seconds. She walkind out with a small brown coconut...3 times smaller than her head.

    "Look Greg, it's my new car!" Mira threw down the coconut and stood directly on the top of the center of the coconut. A spoke in the center of the coconut extended and the outside thirds of the coconut began to spin rapidly.

    "Come on Greg, let's go to the Tall Banana Tree now." Mira screamed over the loud rotors as it spun the wheels at a high speed causing them to dig out the land underneath them and spit sand and dirt backwards.

    "If you have that...coconut, you don't need me to take you there."

    "But I want you to come Greg, please? I want to spend time with you today." Mira rode around Greg in circles, squares, triangles, rectangles, pyramids, hexagons, and triangular prisms waiting for him to answer.

    "Alright, I'll come. But I'm not going to bring you back to the tree house since you have that coconut, okay?" Greg said as Mira stopped in her tracks. "How do you drive that thing anyway? Where's the steering mechanism?" Greg can't help but observe the coconut with large beady giraffe eyes.

    "You have to lean to the direction you want to go in, silly. Here, watch." Mira tapped the top of the coconut with one foot and it roared back to life. She leaned forward with her hands clasped behind her back and she moved forward rapidly. She leaned to the left, and she went to the left. She leaned to the right, and she turned to the right. She leaned back and slowed down. "See, that's how you do it. Now let's go to the tree now."

    They both left for the Tall Banana Tree, speeding away. The glow of the sky was at it's brightest and the clouds floated gacefully while the two sped away through the grasslands. The wind in Mira's hair, and the sun beating down on Greg's solar panel horns passed tree after tree after house after house and every other object and animal that was on the way to the Tall Banana Tree. Then ,they finally arrived at their destination.

    "We're finally here!!!! Alright, I'm going to go first Greg. Okay?" You need to hold down the tree for me so I can get the speed, height, and propulsion to get Gertrude the Llama." Mira stopped her coconut too hard and she was thrown off of it and hit the base of the banana tree face first. She got right and then ran back to the coconut, carried it, climbed up the tree, while holding it in her mouth and swung herself onto the top of the tree. "GREG!!! PULL DOWN THE TREE AND LET IT GO!!!" Mira screamed at the top of her lungs down to Greg who was alreadt starting to slowly back away from the tree and Mira. He didn't want any part of this. But he had to do it, for her at least.

    "Alright Mira, I'm coming. Just be careful alright? Keep in a small ball and aim for somewere soft to land this time." Greg rolled over to the tree and pulled it down by the leaves with his mouth and let it go. Mira screamed with excitement as she flew across the grasslands and yelled back to Greg.

    "It's your turn after 5 more minutes!!! I'll see you on the other side!" Mira disappeared into the horizon and Greg began to wait.

    "Aight, she's gone." Greg put his back up to the banana tree and slid down and sat on the ground. He watched the bright purple clouds float across the bright colored sky as he chilled and smoked a blunt. "Now dis is da life. I could just do dis for like...the rest of da day. This is just so cool." He inhaled deeply and held his breath for a bout a minute and then exhaled and let out a large cloud of orange smoke. Greg sat there, leaning against the tree for about 5 more minutes than he was supposed to. By the time he finished his blunt, he realized that 5 minutes have passed by.

    "Aight, time to get movin'." Greg got up and grabbed onto the top of the tree with his mouth and pulled it down all the way. He then rolled backwards and was suddenly jerked up and then thrown across the grasslands and into a large pile of banana leaves and marshmallows.

    Greg got up, disoriented from the impacr and random marshmallows. It took him some time to get his mind back and stand up steadily.

    "Whoa...this isn't cool. Where'd all these marshmallows come from?" Greg asked out loud, looking around astonished. "Mira, where are you?" He shouted as he rolled around slowly.

    The grass was short, there were only a few banana trees, and there were lots and lots of marshmallows. There were piles everywhere. Some wide, some small, some thin, some tall. They were everywhere in piles, in stacks, in boxes, and racks. While Greg rolled around, a large pile of marshmallows suddenly exploded into the air and Mira bust out of it. She was on her coconut and she sped around like a tiny, high speed, super bouncey ball in a porter potty that was shot out of a paintball gun. Mira blasted from one stack of marshmallows into another repeatedly and shot at Greg with a pea shooter loaded with marshmallows.

    "HA! You can't get me mutha****A!!! You're too slow!!! Just try to catch me Greg! You'll never stand a chance against me and my coconut!! MWUAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!" Mira exclaimed with a great ferocity as she dived into a pile of marshmallows...not knowing that Gertrude the Llama was hiding in there waiting to ambush the two of them with her rapid fire shoe gun that shot provolone flavored shoe laces.

    As Mira collided into Gertrude, she buckled under the speed and pressure and she knocked Gertrude out of the pile of marshmallows.

    "Ohn no, my cover has been blown!!" Gertrude exclaimed as he rolled across the ground in the fetal position holding his shoe gun to his chest. "Mira, you were supposed to dive left than roll right and then do a triple-double 540 kick into the marshmallow pile! Not do a double-triple barrel roll into the 540 kick! Nw what are we gonna do!?!" He screamed at the top of his lungs while he rolled and rolled and rolled across the ground from the impact.

    Mira lay on the ground where she collided with Gertrude until she recuperated all of her strength and mind...which took about 5.235959487 seconds. She grabbed her coconut and jumped into the air with it in hand and then stood on top of it. She tapped it with her foot and the wheels poked ouy and made a cone aiming down. She hit the ground and started drilling into it with her coconut and disappeared into the surface.

    "Where'd sh go?" Greg looked around, still dazed and confused from the impact of marshmallows to his face. He looked around slowly, attempting to analyze the battle field but couldn't see Mira. All he saw was a cloud of dust, dirt, marshmallows, a pot of gold filled with gremlins, and Gertrude lyin in the ground with his tail shaking like the rotor of a jet engine.

    Then suddenly, Mira popped out of the ground, upside down and shooting her marshmallow gun at Greg, who just stood there like nothing was going on.

    "EAT MY WHITE FLUFF!! EAT IT!!!" Mira shouted and screamed with battle rage. "Greg, this is for you my love!" She whipped out a rocker-mallow launcher which was overhaul for her because it was 45,000,001 times bigger than her. She aimed it ag Greg and he immediately started making rice balls.

    "Rice balls!" Mira immediately dropped the rocket-mallow launcher and dove into the ground with a deafening thud. She got right up and rain towards Greg and slid under him, under his backside as the rice balls dropped.

    "Om nom nom nonm nom nom nom!!" She devoured the small balls of rice as they were pushed out of Greg and as gravity worked on them.

    the flavor of shrimp fried rice blasted in Mira's mouth as she began to tear up of happiness. "It's so good it's orgasmic!!" She screamed in great pleasure as she sat on the ground allowing the tasty balls to flow into her mouth consistently. She was filling up with helium also, but too concentrated on the flavor to notice the change.

    "Hope you're enjoying them. You'll go home right after you're done Mira." Greg said just standing there while eating the marshmallows off the ground.

    As Mira filled up with helium, she started to blow up with the gas of nobility. Over a short period of time, she floated off the ground into the sky and began to float back to the tree house. Getting higher and higher, Greg, Gertrude, the pot of gremlins, and the marshmallow piles began to shrink in size.

    Mira kept chewing what was left in her mouth as she passed the clouds. By thi time, the sky was a darker green, nearingthe night time. She spun, she flipped, and she tumbled in the air while floating. A large smile of satisfaction stretched from one side of her face to the other as she chewed. Her eyes close to live the moment, a dream of rice balls, were shut tightly. She passed the Tall Banana Tree and the shop. She passed the herd of water buffalo, a zebra print giraffe race, and the Niagara Falls. Surprisingly, she was silent the whole floating ride back to the tree house.

    Finally, after a few hours of floating, the tree house came into sight. there were many animals leaving the tree house and Id was standing at the front of the elevator door with Greg, who made it home before Mira, talking to him. Then, suddenly, a high pitched noise of wind gusting came out of Mira's back end and as she began to whistle out a fart. As the helium escaped from her intestines and bowels, she declined in her roundness and height off the ground. Her already large smile extended even further, this time, revealing her unusually white teeth, across her face.

    Still very silent, she retained her original radious and plopped down onto the chimney. It was already nightfall, but there was still sunlight visible from the horizon. She stood there for about half an hour just staring with her awkward grin planted on her face. Then she looked up into the sky and jumped into the air, throwing her fist up in victory.

    "F*** YEAH!!!" Screamed in enthusiasm and collapsed onto the top of the chimeny and fell asleep. The night moved on, and so did the animals and the other creatures of Candafrica. Still being the only human in the land, she lived on another day with her friends. Greg went to bed, Id cleaned up the mess that was left from the party he wasn't supposed to throw and turned off the fireplace, hopefully that it was only the gas that was on and not the sparker, and the day moved into night for another day.