• Rei joined with the others who were ready to fight their opponents that they were going to faces. Cloud was busy trying to find way to beat Sepiroth at his own game. Lilith was fighting against the clown guy with terra the pink outfit lady with blond hair. Firion had a conversation with Rei about who does she like in the team? Rei said'' so far i like having my allies around to helps us to defeat the boss. Firion said'' well i like you Rei as team member. Genesis was fight against Sepiroth and was hiding from lilith secretly. Lilith saw Genesis in a black coat fighting against Sepiroth in the water fall. Tidus had a score to settle with his father named Jecht. He hate his father some how leaving him and his mother alone taking care of each other. Firion wants to get rid of the emperor only use him as a tool of the power of darkness. Cecil who is the palden knight and has a an older brother named Golbetz who abandoned him when he is was 3 years old. Kuja who is Zidane older brother. he abandoned his younger brother by choosing the path of darkness. Rei said'' You remind me of Angeal Hewely. I always looked up to him as a role model. Firion smiled said'' i know him he is the first class solider that zack faced by fighting again him in the Niebuhr Haime. i have to take care of the emperor because i have to fight against him so i don't lose a comrade to him. Rei nodded said'' well i have score to settle with vice as Wiess who is younger brother of genesis's. Nero who is Shelke's lover and is her boyfriend she desire .
    Shelke was helping others to collect data from the bad guy plans in their secret lair . Leon was here too for a reason he want to fight against Ulitima which is the bad lady it a nickname rei gave her because her name was hard to pronounce. All the bad guys appears on stand and everyone which is ready to fight. Vice smiled when he saw Rei he wanted her to be his only to be his queen to rule with him in deepground and etc. Firon and Larazus team up to fight against the emperor. Rei glared at vice started run at him to pull out her sword to fight him. The emperor look at Rei and frown a bit look like was interested in her when he was distracted he was kick in the face by Firion said'' never let your guard down im your opponent. The emperor glared at Firion and got in his fighting stance and fighting against Firion and Larazus . Lilith was busy fighting of the clown guy and genesis appeared in battle with a black cloak covers his outfit and his face helped lilith to defeat him.