• One dark stormy night in 1999 Jacob, and his friends Nikki, Jason (and jason's twin sister) Alice(they were all 13 years old) were all telling scary storys in the middle of the night. It was the night just before Halloween. "OK, it is my turn to tell a story, but this one is true," stated Alice. "One stormy rainy night just like this one 80 years ago here in Chicago, a 19 year old boy named Mark Peterson was crazy and he was known as a treat to everyone he met. He was thrown in a mental instittue, and was locked there for years. we went mad and excaped from the mental institute ,never to be heard or found of again. The next day the home where his family live had burned to the ground. He was found the same say with his hole left arm burntand forced to live the rest of his live in the mental instittute,"said Alice in a deep eerie voice.
    "So is that the story of the abandoned mental insititute just four blocks away on Gray street," asked Jacob?
    "Yep," answered Alice proudly knowing she had the the best story.
    "I wonder if the mental intitute is really haunted," wondered Jason.
    "Its only one way to find out" boomed Nicki "Lets go check it out for Halloween tomorrow."
    "Ok good idea, tomorrow we can all go home and pack a flash lights and all that other stuff that we may need and we can all meet outside the mental instittute on gray street when," said Alice
    "Agreed," asked Jacob in a excited voice?
    "Agreed," everyone said!

    How where the kids ever to know they all agreed to go on a adventure of there lifes.....