• There was a light, way off in the distance. I saw it. I think. I don't know. I couldn't think straight. I writhed in pain as the blood slowly left me, shinning coolly in the dim moonlight. What had happened? I didn't know. I was walking, and then...I knew something attacked me. I knew it was no accident. I knew it was not human. Humans don't have long, sharp claws. Humans don't have gleaming, tearing teeth. Humans don't stalk from the underbrush, prowling just out of sight with tense haunches and powerful paws.

    I remember the sound of ripping, the feeling of something cold slicing then something warm dripping, the strong metallic taste, the sound of someone screaming, blackness, the scent of fear. I thought that no one had heard. No one knew where I had snuck off to that night. No one knew I was slowly feeling my life ebbing, slowly draining from my many cuts.

    But there was the light. It was distant. But it was coming. The pain was fading, my despair leaving. I was transfixed on the light. I was vaguely aware of shouts and screams. I think I heard my name. But i still could not process a thought as the light enveloped me, and no longer was I writhing in the dark.